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Halloween Costume Creativity

Taylor Hassa
Staff Writer


fashionAlrighty guys, it is October, so here is my obligatory “It’s almost Halloween column.” Halloween is not my thing, but some people like dressing up and being creative and what not. So without further ado, this one’s for you, Halloween lovers.

Most college students are broke; therefore, Halloween is the time for students to get creative. No one wants to go out and spend $50 on a costume.

Instead, we find ourselves rummaging through our closets and buying stupid animal ears just to make life simpler and of course, save a couple bucks.

Halloween is also the only time of year girls can dress in basically their underwear and not be judged. It is the one weekend (because in college it’s not just a day) that girls can dress super sexy. That seems to be the goal for Halloween.

So, for the girls that do enjoy dressing up for Halloween, grab a little black dress and buy some cat ears at the nearest Halloween store. Honestly, they sell all kinds of animal ears and it is a cheap, cute way to dress for Halloween.

Another option is to find a red dress and devil horns. It is so easy, plus every girl looks awesome in red.

Now for the boys, it is pretty simple, too. You don’t have to do your makeup and hair, so you can just throw on some combination of clothes and go. It’s a little unfair. But just in case you’re not so creative, here are a couple of easy ideas.

First, grab some suspenders, some tan pants, a button-down white shirt, a tie and some dorky glasses. You’ll be the cutest dork on campus.

Another easy, affordable idea for you guys is the Old Spice guy! You may get a little cold, but go out shirtless and in a towel. And for the sake of everyone’s eyes wear shorts under the towel just in case!

Happy Halloween!

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