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Hassa’s Fashion Buzz: Clearing Acne

Taylor Hassa

Staff Writer

Tired of fighting breakouts with harsh salicylic acid face washes and cleansers? Then here are some everyday things you can do to help your acne disappear for good.

It may seem crazy, but eat­ing refined sugar on a daily ba­sis actually affects acne. People that have cut this sugar from their diets have seen results al­most instantly.

Rye Brook, N.Y. holistic doctor, Susan Bloom, M.D., says that after eating sugar, in­sulin is released into the body, causing inflammation. Surface redness and worse acne are a direct result of the sugar in­take.

Another secret to clear skin lies right under your head. Your pillowcase contains left­over residue and oil from your hair and skin. Sleeping with your face pressed up against it for hours can cause clogged pores.

Not only should you wash your pillow case often, but washing your face and pulling your hair up before bed can help reduce the dirt and grime.

Also, make sure to keep the brush you use to apply your makeup clean. Brushes harbor things like old makeup, oil, skin cells and all kinds of other gross things.

So for girls struggling with breakouts around the cheeks, the cause may lie in the brush used to apply that pretty pink blush.

For best results, wash brushes with baby shampoo and warm water. This will keep your brush clean without dam­aging the bristles.

Lastly, when washing your face, take a washcloth and run it under the hottest water you can stand. Then put the wash­cloth to your face and hold it there until it goes cold.

This will open your pores and loosen up any dirt in them. Then take an exfoliating scrub like St. Ives Blemish and Black­head Control Apricot Scrub and give your face a good scrub.

This all-natural scrub will leave skin clean and feeling fresh without drying your face out.

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