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Skrillex Drops Second Dubstep EP: Bangarang

Kevin Moss

Assistant A&E Editor

There has been a new cult following for a genre of mu­sic called Dubstep. Dubstep is electronically made music com­posed of hard-hitting base and powerfully synced sounds com­bined with samples from genres covering the gambit. One of the leading providers of this ex­ploding genre is Skrillex.

Sonny John Moore, a 24-year-old out of Los Angeles, started his music career sing­ing post-hardcore music for the band From First to Last. When the high demanding vocals be­came too much, he turned to music production, taking on the stage name Skrillex. His influ­ences are evident by his stage presence, which features a wild rocker haircut, and he is typi­cally seen performing with ciga­rette in hand. After his first EP, My Name is Skrillex, dropped, he quickly shot to the top of his class as a Dubstep DJ.

With an established name in the game, he recently dropped his second EP called Banga­rang, which features eight songs of his high-pitched shrills and heavy wobbles that make Skril­lex who he is today. He leaves no song without a high-pitched sample and this EP will defi­nitely have you saying “YES, OH MY GOD!” This album has features by the famous band The Doors and Skillrex’s upcoming prodigy 12th Planet, who has been a longtime friend and tour buddy.

It’s a must have if you’re a Dubstep fan, and it’s even worth it if you’re not.

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