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Hassa’s Fashion Buzz: Get Your Hair Ready for the Summer in the Kitchen

Taylor Hassa

Staff Writer 

When searching for products to help get gorgeous hair for the summer, check your fridge. It’s full of natural things that will make your hair glowing and radiant without having to pay a fortune at the salon.

Take lemon, for example. Mix it with tea and wave goodbye to greasy or oily hair. Lemon is an astringent that doesn’t affect the natural pH levels of your hair. Rinsing black tea and lemon through clean hair will take care of the oil.

For those of you with curly hair that can’t be tamed by just your product, try olive oil. Mix it in with the hair product you choose and watch your hair transform from a curly mess to smooth, shiny curls.

Avocado is also really good for your hair. Try mashing up one or two avocados, depending on how much hair you have, and let it sit in your hair. After 10 minutes, rinse it out and feel the difference in the softness of your hair.

Now, for redheads, cranberry juice in the shower will do the trick for you. Wash it through your hair just once, and you’ll have an unbelievable shine.

Who knew that even beverages could transform hair? Beer and club soda smooth over frizz and add volume to your hair.

Another great trick for oily hair is mint. Mint-infused shampoo will keep hair clean for a longer amount of time without drying hair out. You could also boil the mint leaves in water, strain the blend and then mix with your shampoo for the same results.

The last tip for incurably frizzy hair is mayonnaise. Spread about 2 tablespoons through your hair and watch the frizz disappear.

It’s amazing to think that instead of spending money at an expensive salon, you can just open your refrigerator and find a quick fix for your hair crisis.

So try these simple tips out this summer and watch your hair transform before your eyes.

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