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Hassa’s Fashion Buzz: Heel This Advice


By: Taylor Hassa
Staff Writer

Let’s talk about shoes. Every girl loves her shoes and frankly, can never have too many pairs. But it’s the new pairs that you have to be extra careful with because they can be dangerous!
This week my roommate found herself having quite a bit of shoe trouble. She bought a brand new pair of little white sneakers and couldn’t wait to wear them, obviously.
But after the first night out in them, she had terrible blisters on her heels. She decided not to wear the shoes again for awhile, not realizing the blisters were going to hurt in every other pair of shoes that she put on.
So to save many other girls from being in pain like my roommate, here’s the solution to all of your shoe troubles.
First things first, let’s talk blisters, cuts and callouses on your heels. Every girl has had at least one of these issues. To avoid repeating them, try wearing the new shoes with thick socks just around the house (or dorm room). The thick socks will stretch out the shoes just enough so the friction between the back of your shoe and heel won’t cause damage.
The sock method is great for breaking in new pairs of shoes, especially new heels.
The next issue to address is the strap on your shoes being too tight. The quickest way to fix a tight strap on your shoe is to put water on it and gently tug the fabric. This tactic works on any kind of fabric, even leather. Just add a little water and pull!
This one is for people with feet that are prone to sweating. Before you go out, sprinkle a little baby powder in the bottom of your shoes and you’ll be good to go. No more embarrassing, stinky, wet feet at the end of the night.
Lastly, this tip is for the ladies that love their heels to death and want to take the best care of them. There is no easy five-second trick. You need to actually take time and polish your shoes at least once a month with a cream-based polish. This will save your best friends from lots of future damage.
So go out and enjoy those new shoes ASAP!

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