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Cheney Dining Hall Plates Replaced By Bigger, Better Set that has Springfield College Students Happy

The plates at Cheney Dining Hall were updated, making them able to hold more food. (Pat Kenney/The Student)
The plates at Cheney Dining Hall were updated, making them able to hold more food. (Pat Kenney/The Student)

Kristen Linnartz
Staff Writer

Along with the new arch on Alden Street that welcomes visitors to Springfield College, and the Starbucks that’s been put in Locklin Hall, a smaller change awaited students in Cheney Dining Hall this school year. Gone are the small plates that caused students to take multiple trips up for more food. They have been replaced with bigger, rectangular white plates, and the feedback seems to be positive.

“The plate is shaped different and allows for more room to put food on. We made the change based on customer feedback. Many people thought the plate was too small last year, so we listened and went back to a larger plate,” Director of Operations for Aramark at Springfield College, Todd Alden, said.

The plate is actually only a half an inch bigger, 9.5 inches, from last year’s plates that were 9 inches, but it is easier to carry and allows more room to put food on.

“The plates are a lot better because nothing is rolling off the plate because of the elevated edges,” sophomore Bridget White said. “Also, it is easier to put food on because the surface is flat and the other ones were slanted a little to the middle.”

The change from oval to square gives more surface space on the plate. This addresses students’ primary concerns, which revolved around the fact that they could not fit nearly enough food on the plates.

“It’s definitely easier to fit stuff on them, and they look a lot nicer. They are more appealing to the eye, which I have also heard faculty say as well,” sophomore Andrew Aronne said, “They are a little heavier than last year, but they are definitely better to fit your food on.”

Alden said that the dining staff has heard only positive things about the change in plates. The new plates seem to be doing well, and hopefully will be around longer than the last bunch since they are receiving high marks from satisfied students and faculty alike in Cheney.

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