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Hassa’s Fashion Buzz: Tips to Make Doing Laundry Bearable

Taylor Hassa
Staff Writer



fashionNo one ever really wants to do laundry; it is a daunting task that is tiresome and time consuming. It is even worse in college when you have to make 500 trips up and down the stairs to do it!

Throw in the fact that we are quickly approaching finals week and no one is going to have five hours to spend on laundry. But what if some simple tips could expedite the entire process and leave plenty of time for studying and relaxing?

The first tip would be to sort your laundry ahead of time. Get a hamper that has three little sections and sort your clothes when you take them off. That will save you from having to sort your clothes on top of washing them.

Next, when you spill something, put a stain remover on it right away. Don’t let the stain sit until the next time you do laundry. By the time that day comes around, you will have to beat the shirt with a rock and wash it seven times to get it clean. Treat stains when they happen and it will only take one wash to get them clean!

Don’t spend time looking for stains on clothes that you know aren’t there. That is a waste of time. If you spill, treat it right away and forget about searching for stains and just wash the clothes.

Next, put away the bottles of detergent and just buy Tide Pods. Throw one in for a normal wash or two for a deep cleaning. Measuring out detergent is a waste of precious time.

The next thing that will save you time is hanging your clothes that may need ironing. If you take those clothes right out of the wash and hang them up immediately, they won’t wrinkle, leaving you nothing to iron and waste time on.

Lastly, keep your drawers organized. If they are neat, then you can just fold the clothes and put them away. But if they are a mess, then you have to clean them up before you can put the clothes you just washed away.

Laundry is always going to be time consuming. That being said, it can be a whole lot less stressful and a lot easier if you follow these few simple tips!

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