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Taylor Hassa

Staff Writer 

Did you know that in the year 1817, a man by the name of Arthur Wellesley, the first Duke of Wellington, came up with the idea of the rain boot? He asked his shoemaker to line his everyday boots in rubber in order to adapt to the element of rain.

This idea of rain boots that started in London so many years ago was a guy’s fashion first. During that time, the men got to basically design their shoes; all they had to do was go to the shoemaker and explain how they wanted their rain boots to look. Therefore, each style was unique to the owner.

If you were to look around campus today, you wouldn’t find a single guy wearing a pair of stylish rain boots. It is entirely a female fashion now, and they are not by any means custom made.

Some girls don’t even know where to find a nice pair. They just buy whatever they see first and no further thought goes into the purchase. Arthur Wellesley would roll over in his grave if he saw how girls today represent the fashion he started.

My request to the girls that wish to rock this historic style is to put some effort into it. Go to Target or DSW and buy a cute, comfortable pair – not just some five dollar pair from Walmart.  But don’t stop there. Continue shopping until you find the perfect rain jacket to match your fabulous rain boots.

And for the fashionistas of the world, complete the look with the matching umbrella. If you do that, then you will surely be ruling the next rain storm and you will look perfect doing it.

Taylor Hassa may be reached at thassa@springfieldcollege.edu

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