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Mac Miller’s Contribution to Rap

Kevin Moss

Assistant A&E Editor

Vanilla Ice, Atmosphere and Eminem. All of these guys have similarities: they all rap and they are all white.

Not everyone may agree that they are all good, but those are the facts. White guys in the rap game get a bad “rap” typically, but there is one name that is on the rise and looking to break boundaries.

His name? Mac Miller. And he’s ready to show his talents.

With his upcoming new album Blue Slide Park, Mac Miller is about to take off. With five mixtapes out already, he has made enough noise to draw my attention on the underground level. The already released single from the upcoming album is “Frick Park Market,” and in the song, he takes all of his fans back to his hometown right outside of Pittsburgh.

Mac Miller is not trying to act “thug” or create this rapping façade; he is doing Mac Miller. Even though the single sounds very similar to “Donald Trump,” a previous track, it shows Mac Miller is not leaving his roots, and that is something I can appreciate.

From what I know about Mac Miller, I know this album will be hot.

So keep an eye on the name, get his mixtapes for now and pick up the album Blue Slide Park when it drops. Mac Miller gets the Kevin Moss stamp of approval.

Mac Miller is currently touring locally and will be in Northampton, Mass. on Sept. 24.

For more music knowledge from Kevin Moss check out his blog Snapbackrap.

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