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How to Have Success with a Scarf

Taylor Hassa

Staff Writer


fashionIt seems to me that people either absolutely love scarves or hate them. There is simply no in-between on the matter.Coming from the perspective of a hater, scarves are much too annoying to tie and difficult to make look nice. They twist in all different ways, but never quite the right way.
Once the struggle of getting the scarf on is over and it looks semi-socially acceptable, there is the issue of being itchy and hot.
Scarves squeeze your neck and the fabric always makes you sweat profusely. Then midway through this nasty, sweaty feeling, you realize you are choking. The scarf definitely wasn’t this tight when you put it on; it’s trying to kill you.
Midway through this scratchy, itchy, choking dance, you look up and see your friend, looking super cute in her scarf. She’s all happy and smiley and you’re standing there dumbfounded, asking yourself why bad things happen to good people.
Most people who have experienced this trauma have given up the hope of ever wearing a cute scarf again. But, for those few who refuse to abandon hope, there are ways to neatly tie a scarf.
The first step is to fold the scarf in half. Simple, right? I think not! Next, wrap the folded scarf around your neck so both ends of the scarf are hanging evenly in front of your chest.
Then, pull the side of the scarf with the two loose ends through the opposite side of the scarf with the loop. Pull slightly, so that the scarf is hanging but not choking you to death.
Lastly, grab a jacket or a sweater and tuck the hanging part in. Leave the tied part poking out of the top a little. This looks super cute and also keeps you warm in the winter.
Now, for those of us that find that much too complicated, stores now sell scarves that are just one continuous circle. You can just throw this type of scarf around your neck and leave. It’s so incredibly simple.
So, whether you are a lover or a hater, there are scarves out there for you. Find the one that fits you best and rock that fall trend to the best of your ability.

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