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Imagine Dragons: The New Band on Your iPod

Kevin Moss
Staff Writer

If you’re looking for something catchy to throw on your iPod, iPhone or music-listening device, then I have just the band for you. Imagine Dragons recently made their radio debut with their song “It’s Time” off their Continued Silence EP.

The band has a perfect sound for right now. It’s as if you mixed One Republic, The Fray, Train and Mumford and Sons all into one band with some electric synth thrown over the top. Their catchy choruses and foot-tapping sound will keep you replaying the songs over and over again.

The lyrics are inspirational, motivating and something that if we were in high school again, they’d be over all of your friends AIM away messages.

I don’t like the radio very often, but, I’m more than happy that it opened my ears to a band as good as Imagine Dragons.

Other songs you should look into by them are “On Top of the World,” and “Demons.” If you’re feeling really ambitious, I’d say go ahead and get the whole EP. You won’t be disappointed.

I’ve had the Imagine Dragons Pandora station playing as I walk around campus and it’s done me well.

So give ‘em a taste and if this isn’t your cup of tea, I’ll have a different genre, different artist and something new for you next week.

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