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Kicking and Punching Without the Violence

Matt Vaghi

Graphic Designer

For those who love the art of boxing, kicking and a full cardio workout, there is a special program offered at the Wellness Center: Cardio Kickboxing.

Every Monday and Wednesday, this unique program enables participants to experience a stimulating and high-paced workout that is primarily based on the sport of kickboxing. The 45- minute exercise is instructed and led by Kate McMahon, who is a certified group exercise instructor and the assistant director of campus recreation.

The workout begins with a warm-up that not only gets the muscles ready for movement but shows participants the correct techniques for punching, kicking and moving. The body of the exercise incorporates side shuffles, jabs, hooks, uppercuts, leg thrusts, sideway kicks, backward kicks and jumping jacks. It is designed not only to provide a complete cardio workout but also to increase muscular endurance of the shoulder, legs and core.

Junior Bobby Giordano was a first-time participant in the workout and thoroughly enjoyed the program.

“I didn’t know what to expect at first,” said Giordano. “It was a really awesome workout. It was an upbeat and entreating workout that also made me sweat and feel the burn.”

McMahon explained that the program had a bell curve design; it began with a warm-up, rose to

a high paced workout and ended with a cool-down stretching session.

“It’s a really great workout and it’s fun,” said McMahon. “You don’t necessarily have to be all that coordinated to do it. It’s not choreography based; it’s just a series of drills you do. You don’t have to be great at aerobics to do it.”

Cardio Kickboxing takes place in room 214 of the Wellness Center every Monday and Wednesday from 5 to 5:45 p.m.

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