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Renaissance Man: Childish Gambino

Kevin Moss

Assistant A&E Editor

“Renaissance man” is a term that is used very loosely in this day and age, mostly due to the fact that in order to get your name on the map, you have to be able to do more than one thing.

Donald Glover fits the bill. He made his start writing for 30 Rock, acts in the Emmy nominated Community and now raps under the indie record label Glassnote Records.

He goes by the rap name “Childish Gambino,” originally discovered one night in his NYU college dorm room on an online Wu-Tang rap name generator. He’s an odd fit to the rap community and is under a lot of scrutiny for his sound and his ability to rap.

Glover’s got a lot to prove with his upcoming album “Camp.” He takes a lot of gruff for his nasally pitched voice and his lack of “street cred,” but he brings something completely new to hip-hop: intelligence.

Glover’s tracks have intensified punch lines and clever references to pop culture that’ll have you playing back each and every song. I recommend taking a look at his released single, “Bonfire;” it’s a good representation of Donald Glover’s music.

If you’re in a drought for good music to listen to, this is definitely an album you’re going to want to pick up. There has been talk of seeing one of Glassnote’s featured artists Mumford & Sons on one of the tracks, as well as talks of featuring Phoenix and other potential artists.

If this is anything like any of Donald Glover’s other works, it’ll be spectacular. Get more insight into Donald Glover’s life on his blog at http://www.iamdonald.com, and to hear more artists similar to him, visit my blog at http://www.snapbackrap.wordpress.com.

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