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Finding Fashion in Netflix’s Fuller House

Katie Benoit
Staff Writer

“Fuller House” made its debut just a few weeks ago, and some people love the Netflix re-launch and others are disappointed with the new show. It seems for the most part, college students who grew up watching the show in the 90’s have positive reviews.

The show definitely has upgraded its 90’s wardrobe. Can we talk about how fashionable D.J. has become? Here are some of the places you can find inspiration for outfits like hers.

DJ’s style is definitely on the plain side with a lot of blue and gray. She often wears dresses or pairs a non-pattern shirt with jeans and booties for shoes. If you’re looking to get her striped T-shirt look, you can definitely find one for cheap at Old Navy, or in the Levi’s section at a department store. You can find the booties she often wears at store like Charlotte Russe for pretty cheap, especially since it’s the end of the boot season. Also name brands like Clarks and Steve Madden sell them as well, but obviously more expensive.

She also tends to wear a lot of denim shirts. These can be found in most stores like Charlotte Russe, Gap and American Eagle. She’s also seen rocking Converses on more casual days. Another look that D.J. rocks is the sweater tank, which has become a huge fashion trend this year. Stores like Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe are go-to for these looks.

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