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Lavoie: There isn’t one of us that wouldn’t embrace the other

By Micaela Lavoie

We can’t be best friends with everyone we meet, but one thing Springfield College has given me a VILLAGE of people in my corner. When I first toured SC, everyone said “it’s a small campus, you’ll leave knowing almost everyone.” At first that seemed “a little too small” for me, but now I understand why it’s one of this college’s biggest blessings. If we weren’t already inclined to do before, since as a class we’ve always been unified, I hope I speak for everyone when I say that now that we’ve gone through this loss together, there isn’t one of us that wouldn’t embrace the other when we cross paths months, years or decades from now.

To my twin brother Nick, I’m sure when you dreamed of your college experience you never pictured sharing it with your sister, but I am so glad we did. My heart sinks when I think about us parting ways to start our “real lives” but the fact that I could get four years of laughing with you every day is something I will cherish forever.

To “the boys,” you are a group of people that I would have never expected to make saying goodbye so hard. Thank you for putting up with me every hour of the day and always lifting me up when I was down, even if you didn’t know it.

To my fellow seniors, WOW did we leave a mark here. That last night in the backyards was legendary, honoring our senior athletes, honoring and cherishing each other and everything we’ve done here…think about how special that is! At the very least, that is one night that no other class has. Yes, it’s heartbreaking and disappointing that we may not get a whole week of that feeling all being together in one place, but that can’t take away from the thousands of other memories we’ve made since we walked on this campus as freshmen. To the people I’ve made those memories with, a blanket “thank you” will never be enough, but…thank you!

“Our lives are before us. Our pasts are behind us. But our memories on Alden St are forever with us.” See you soon!

-Micaela ’20

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