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Belyea: Springfield College is my family

By Eric Belyea

Springfield College is a family.

Prior to the email sent on Tuesday, I was holding out hope that we would be back.

Although tears were shed as we left Alden Street, it felt as if it was not the end, and that our final Sti-yu-ka was going to be one for the ages.

That the seniors were going to get the send off we all worked tirelessly for.

But last Thursday night, the night before we had to head home, was truly special.

It wasn’t a planned event necessarily.

It was us as a class coming together and sharing what ended up being our final time in the backyards together. There were hugs shared (which with all this going on might not have been the best of ideas), tears shed and memories made.

It showed us unity.

It showed that the students at Springfield College truly cared about one another. But most importantly, it showed that the graduating class of 2020 was a family.

This online learning stuff is going to be different. I mean, how am I supposed to act out a scene from Shakespeare on a conference call?

But we will all get through it, and learn how to adjust.

To the seniors, this isn’t a good bye, just a see you soon. It is our responsibility as individuals to make sure we hold on to these relationships, and build them to be stronger years and years down the road, no matter what virus is in the way.

Thank you for the most memorable (almost) four years on Alden Street a kid could ask for. Springfield College will always be home.

Photo courtesy of Eric Belyea 

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