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Let’s Talk About Sex

Editor’s Note: This is the first of a weekly column series by an anonymous Springfield College student. To reach the writer, contact The Springfield Student at thescstudent1910@gmail.com

sexpert logoSex. There, I said it. Did it sound so bad? Did anyone drop the paper and run away from my column? Maybe. But why? Why has today’s society attached such a negative connotation to sex: to the word, to the action? Sex is such a natural thing, and if done the right way, can be an extremely exciting experience for all parties involved (can I get an amen?)
For starters, I want everyone who is still with me to know that I keep an open mind, with absolutely no judgment. I mean no offense to anyone with the words I write. Whenever we talk sex, it can be with whomever your heart desires (especially if it’s that cutie on the volleyball team). So feel free to email the paper (thescstudent1910@gmail.com) and hit me up with your opinions, questions and comments.
Let’s bang out some ideas, pun intended. Looking ahead, I’m going to discuss the act of sexiling (getting exiled so your roommate can have sex), the ever popular walk of shame, and sports’ teams intermingling.
Also, get excited for interviews with RA’s about their wild encounters dealing with their residents’ sex lives. I’m always looking for topics to write about, but let’s remember we’re in college. Please keep things appropriate, or the column won’t be published anymore.
That being said, let’s get those ideas rolling! I’d love to get some feedback and establish a relationship with my readers, so let’s make this a fabulous Sextember!
There are so many new faces to mingle with here at SC. I mean, let’s be honest, we’re a pretty good-looking campus, right? With all of these gorgeous athletes walking around, how could we not call it Sextember?
For boys and girls alike, this is a great month for a number of reasons. For the girls, the weather is cool enough for yoga pants, but warm enough for that little black dress to still make an appearance. And for the guys? Well, let’s just say it’s warm enough to toss a football shirtless on Abbey green. But then again, who doesn’t love seeing a handsome boy wrapped up in a cozy sweater walking across Cheney?
Another perk? Football games! Cuddling up to that new hottie while the brisk air reddens your nose? While the warmth of their body coupled with the hot chocolate you’re splitting, and the butterflies warming your body from the inside out? Sounds glorious to me! And doesn’t it seem that the uniforms are somehow tighter in the fall? Somewhere between those football pants, to the volleyball spandex, I’ve found another great excuse to call this month Sextember.
My goal of writing this column is to encourage comfortability around sex, while hopefully adding some humor along the way. I encourage everyone to enjoy his or her own Sextember, and to remember that the best sex is safe (yet interesting) sex!
Men and women of Springfield College, let us all try and channel our inner Marilyn Monroe. I believe she had it right in saying, “Sex is a part of nature. I go along with nature.” Until next time, my sexy readers.


SC Sexpert

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