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Letter from the Editor: April Fools’ Day!

Gabby DeMarchi

Happy April Fools’ Day! Hopefully not too many of you fell for our little joke. Welcome to our April Fools’ edition! It’s been a crazy week here at The Student, but we have the responsibility to seek the truth and report it, no matter what the day is! Typically every year The Springfield Student tries to lighten the air and have some fun by coming up with a few fake, but at the same time very believable stories. 

This year we have some great pieces that highlight Springfield College’s favorite event, the Sti-Yu-Ka spring concert being canceled, President Richard B. Flynn pulling a Brett Favre and coming out of retirement and an in-depth “investigation” as to where exactly our tuition money goes. 

All of the articles are a lot of fun, and our staff did a great job with them. The grind of being a factual journalist can take a toll on you after a while, so being able to come up with a few fake stories and fake quotes is always fun. 

So sit back, relax, read some funny articles and don’t get fooled too many times today!



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