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Wellness and Recreation Center to Start Charging Membership Rates

Andrew Gutmam
Staff Writer

Editor’s Note: This story ran in our April Fool’s Day edition in April 2013. The Wellness Center will not be charging membership rates to students.

It’s 6:30 a.m., the sun is rising, birds are chirping and the Springfield College Wellness and Recreation Center is opening its doors to the students for the day. The water in the natatorium is still, and the dumbbells in the racks sit untouched as students slowly start to enter the Wellness Center, only to be stopped and asked to fill out their new membership form that requires an additional fee.

As of last week, Springfield College has decided that a monthly $15 fee will be charged directly to students’ accounts if the students want to use the Wellness Center. In addition to the $15 a month, students will also be charged a $35 upfront fee for agreeing to the terms.

With Springfield being the health-oriented school that it is, it is no surprise that the student body is quite active. This monthly fee will pose quite a problem for those students that cannot afford the extra fee or just don’t want to pay it.

With students up in arms and the school refusing to budge, tensions are rising as gym goers are being deprived of their daily routines. Sophomore Matt Pudvah, along with a core group of students, have formed the group SAP (Students Against Paying) with the purpose of restoring order to those who find sanctity in the gym.

“The whole idea is outrageous,” said Pudvah. “The fact that we as students have to pay to exercise is ridiculous. Tuition is high enough as it is and all I want to do is work out and then head over to Cheney for my morning omelet, but now I can’t because I haven’t paid my $15 monthly fee.”

With SAP slowly starting to recruit more and more members, Springfield College is trying hastily to calm down the angry students, but is having trouble. With passions high, Assistant Director of the Wellness Center Kate McMahon feels as though the whole situation is blown way out of proportion.

“We thrive off of the students here,” said McMahon. “But I don’t feel as though they realize the quality of equipment and facility that is available to them. We provided state of the art equipment that cost the school tons of money, and now that we are asking for a small amount in return everyone is freaking out.”

With Springfield recently raising tuition, even more students here on campus can’t help but feel robbed and want not only fair treatment, but knowledge of where their money is headed.

“I love Springfield, but where in the heck is all of our money going to?” asked freshman and now current member of SAP Gina Lorenzo. “I just got here and already I have to pay for more than just tuition. I can tell that Springfield takes great care of their grass, so my guess is that’s where it is all going.”

With Springfield staying quiet and the students growing louder, what’s next is unknown. But one thing is for certain: if the students don’t get what they want, chaos could break loose.

“All we want is our gym,” said Pudvah. “We spend hours a week in class and in the library studying, and to pump some iron is therapy for some of us. They can’t take that away. We won’t let them.”

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