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Maroon XIII Singing to the Top

Megan Zimbler
Staff Writer

With A capella being such a growing activity in society today, Springfield College is very fortunate to have a few groups of their own.

Auditions took place Tuesday, March 11, with talented musicians trying to earn a spot on the various groups on campus. Groups such as Maroon XIII, the co-ed A capella group, and the iTones, the all-female group, had people try out with the hopes of making a spot.

“Typically, we are looking to fill a certain amount of spaces to try and hit a certain number of performers [for balance purposes],” Eddie Grace, the music director for the A capella groups said.

The group is getting ready for more competitions and more performances in the future.

The groups plan to take competitions year by year.

“I think all groups should compete whenever they feel prepared and are looking for a challenge,” Grace said.

The turnout for the audition was pretty successful, and Grace expects to “just keep looking forward to where we are going without expectations,” as the teams head into next year.

Recently in February, Maroon XIII traveled to the Berklee Performance Center in Boston to compete in the International Competition for Collegiate A Capella (Yes, all you Pitch Perfect fans, that is the same ICCAs) and plan to do many more performances as the semester continues.

The groups are still trying to accomplish more things for a successful growth into the future. Some goals include creating music on the fly, like the “Riff Off” in Pitch Perfect. This will allow the group to keep going without needing someone to write music.

With the successful growth of all the groups, the A capella scene is definitely here to stay at Springfield College.

Keep an eye out on campus for various performances and shows done by the A capella groups in the future.

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