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Kyle Grooms Sweeps Audience with Laughter

Marshall Hastings
Contributing Writer

Wednesday night proved to be just another stop on the worldwide tour for Kyle Grooms, an A-list comedian, as he stopped by the Richard B. Flynn Campus Union at Springfield College.

Grooms, a regular on the New York comedy scene, has visited exquisite places like Scotland, Sweden and Holland, including touching down in almost all 50 states, provided the crowd with witty humor as well as incorporating the crowd into his act.

Using the bright lights on the RBFCU stage as his preaching spot, Grooms was unafraid to call out audience members, as well as point fun at himself, bringing laughs all around for the students and faculty in attendance.

Using his personal adventures as examples, Grooms brought comedy as well as life lessons to his performance. Reminiscing on his times in places like Puerto Rico, Alaska and Detroit, Grooms showed an ability to make light of dark times as well as bring out the funnier side of his life.

When Grooms felt as if he had the crowd where he needed them, he brought out a spot-on impression of President Barack Obama. Using his incredible voice talents, Grooms gave his own personal take on the nation and the people living in our country.

Grooms, a professional comedian for 13 years, says it all just started as a hobby.

“I started doing it as a hobby in Miami when I was working as an art director. Once I got good enough to make a living, I went full time.”

Grooms has certainly been good enough, making several appearances on VH1, NBC’s Last Comic Standing, as well as appearing on Chappelle’s Show, all while traveling around the world. One of his largest accomplishments was when his first comedy CD, The Legend of the Jersey Devil, was awarded as one of iTunes’ Top 100 Comedy CDs of 2009.

Traveling worldwide, Grooms, who attended art school and was a graffiti artist as a kid, says one of the greatest places he went was Sweden.

“Sweden is kind of cool, just because you’re over there and it’s a different culture. UK is cool to perform too.”

Despite traveling the world, Grooms points out that there isn’t one overall memory that stands out for him.

“Just being on tour. Bonnaroo festival was kind of cool. Doing the Chappelle’s Show was fun.”

As Grooms’ travels move him to places like Wilmington, N.C. and Syracuse, N.Y., the short escape that Grooms provided for Springfield College students from their midterm exams before the one week hiatus was greatly appreciated and won’t soon be forgotten. Judging by the laughs throughout the performance, the Jersey Devil will be welcomed back any time.

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