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McDonald’s and Taco Bell Become New Dining Options

Victor Barbosa
Staff Writer

Editor’s Note: This story ran as part of our April Fool’s Day Edition in April 2013. Burger Studio and Subway are here to stay.

“Yo Quiero Taco Bell” and “I’m Lovin’ It,” may become more common sayings on the Springfield College campus in the next six months. Beginning in the fall 2013 semester, McDonald’s will be replacing Burger Studio, and Taco Bell will be available to the campus instead of Subway. This comes as a shock to nearly everyone, as the Richard B. Flynn Campus Union only opened three years ago, and the Burger Studio and Subway seemed to be serving the campus well.

There have been very mixed reactions to the decision, ranging from a nearly unanimous sense of excitement with the students and faculty, to a bit of confusion and disappointment with the Burger Studio and Subway employees.

“Well, I am not happy at all,” Subway worker Marsha Bradee said. “It feels like I’ve worked here for nearly three years. I guess it actually has been three years, but whatever.

“I guess it’s not all bad though. Now, I can come back to campus any time to buy some Doritos Locos Tacos. I saw a commercial and think there’s a new cool ranch one too.”

The student and faculty excitement has ranged from “Christmas morning” level to “classes cancelled morning” level. Professor of the Undeclared major, Darwin Mik Jaggerr, and fifth-year freshman Art Vandelay are among the jubilant fast food lovers.

“Burger King, Burger Studio, it doesn’t really matter,” Mik Jaggerr said. “Mickey D’s is far superior, and I’m glad I can enjoy a Big Mac and diet soda for lunch every day now.”

“I’m an Occupational Therapy major, and the brain food of Taco Bell and Mickey D’s will surely only enhance my study skills,” Vandelay said.

The decision for the replacements was finalized by an anonymous member of the Board of Trustees over the most recent winter break. The anonymous person met with the owner of a Springfield McDonald’s, only known as “Ronald M.” and the president of Taco Bell Inc., Lennay Kekua. During the meeting, the three agreed that the five to 10 McDonald’s and Taco Bells that were already within two miles of campus were not enough, and it would be better for the fast food chains to be more accessible for students. The move will help the SC campus, as well as Ronald and Lennay.

“My now ex-boyfriend and I split up recently and I haven’t been feeling well,” Kekua said. “He plays football, and I have been missing him a lot. This deal with Springfield College has brought a lot of much needed joy back into my life.”

As for the Burger Studio and Subway employees, some of them will move on and look for other work, but many are considering joining forces with the two new additions to campus. A handful of Burger Studio workers have already gone through a grilling interview process, while a few Subway faces have had successful interviews and feel that the new job is just about a wrap.

Dunkin’ Donuts, the Springfield College Bookstore, and other parts of the Union will remain the same come September. However, for the class of 2016, don’t be surprised if during your senior year, they turn into a Starbucks and Barnes and Noble combination.

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