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What Lies Beneath Lake Massasoit

Meghan Zimbler
Staff Writerpink dolphin

Editor’s Note: This story ran as part of our April Fool’s Day edition in April 2013. That being said, who really knows what lies beneath?

Some say it has three eyes. Some say it has massive teeth. Some say it is growing every minute, but no one knows the secrets of the monster under the Massasoit.

What lurks underneath Lake Massasoit is a mystery to all Springfield College students. From a recent spotting, we may be getting closer and closer to the answer.

Students say they have spotted a large dolphin-like creature swimming around the lake recently. They say it has the body of a sea animal, but the attitude of a vicious monster.

“I was looking outside my window in Reed Hall, and something jumped out of the water, trying to eat one of the ducks,” said SC freshman Joe Friend. “I was shocked and ran to tell an RA immediately.”

Like Friend, many students have spotted this creature, and it has been brought to the administration’s attention. Many are questioning if this is endangering our students and staff.

“Since the creature has come to our attention, the authorities have hired people to keep a close watch on it,” said President Richard B. Flynn.

It is scary not knowing what comes next with an animal like this. People are showing fear throughout campus wondering what move the creature will make next.

It has been described to have three eyes, and supposedly measures out to be nine to 10 meters, which is the size of a killer whale.

Safety tips are being made for the student body to protect themselves from this creature. One tip is to not swim in Lake Massasoit. Another tip is to not fish in Lake Massasoit because you never know what you are going to get. Lastly, don’t attempt to feed the animal. We don’t want it sticking around.

“I was pretty hungry after my meal at Cheney Monday night, and I thought I would try to catch a fish to cook up for a snack, but I felt this huge tug and I lost my rod in the water. I ran as fast as I could back to International,” said sophomore Melanie Bow.

As for the creature being on the loose, authorities are trying to contain this animal as soon as possible for the safety of it, and the student body.

“We are still trying to keep Springfield College as safe as it can be with this creature on the loose,” said Chief of Campus Police Judy Jackson. “This campus is safe. Remember that much.”

If anyone sees this creature near the buildings or trying to get on land…run!

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