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Men’s Tennis Ready to start season with Spring Break trip

Gage Nutter
Staff Writer

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Photo courtesy of Springfield College Athletics.

Men’s tennis is ready to get the spring portion of its season rolling as they start their season in Florida over spring break.

They start the spring season over 1,200 miles away from Springfield College in Orlando, Fla. against Earlham College (Richmond, Indiana). The team will stay there for a week that includes four matches against Earlham, University of Wisconsin–La Crosse, Hamilton College (Clinton, New York), and the University of Scranton (Scranton, Pennsylvania).

First year head coach Chad Stoloff hopes to learn a lot about his team over the trip.

“It will be good to knock off the rust and play some good competition,” said Stoloff. “It will also help us gauge where we are as a unit to start off the season and where we stand with that competitive pressure as a team. “

Stoloff also touched on what the trip will do from a chemistry standpoint

“On the other side of it it’s also fun to get away and bond as a team,” said Stoloff. “I hope it will bring us closer as a unit.”

Junior captain Tanner DeVarennes is going into the trip with the same mindset.

“I hope to find out what our strengths and weaknesses as a team our over spring break,” said Devarennes. “Then we can come back a couple weeks before our real conference season gets going, and that will really give us time to gel as a team and makes those weaknesses our strengths.”

Stoloff is excited to see how two new faces perform for the team: one of them a transfer, and the other from halfway around the world.

“Alex Romaine came to the team as a transfer from his old school the University of Hartford,” said Stoloff. “The school cut their tennis program, so it will be interesting to see him develop here at Springfield College.”

“Court Honda is a freshman from Japan,” added Stoloff. “Coming from a different country with a different competition level and a different culture will make it exciting to see how he develops as well. “

This is DeVarennes first year as a captain for the team, and he’s excited for the challenge.

“Last season I always tried to lead by example,” said Devarennes. “Where now with the label as captain you can go out and try to be more motivating with your voice and actions. There is also a lot more responsibility now. I communicate with the coaching staff now to try and help keep everyone on the same page and have the same goal.”

Junior Justin Danielewicz is going into his second year as captain and is happy about the addition of DeVarennes as captain.

“I feel like the team is a lot stronger now with two captains and two people that can lead the way,” said Danielwicz. “It takes pressure off of me now that it’s Tanner and I, because he and I have the same mindset where we always preach for everyone not to be late to practice and to always get your schoolwork done. So it’s definitely a good addition.”

DeVarennes and Danielwicz speak for the team when they say that they are excited to get back on the court.

“Getting back into the team aspect after having a few months off and now going to Florida over spring break is going to be great,” said DeVarennes. “This is when the team will start to take shape. Once we come back from the trip we will be one unit that will be stronger than it was in the fall.”

Danielwicz and DeVarennes hope to reach the goal that they have had since they were freshman this season as well.

“We haven’t made the NEWMAC tournament since we have been going here,” said Danielwicz. “I would say that is at the top of our list. Keeping ourselves disciplined and focused is the main thing that has to happen to get us there.”

With the addition of a new captain, a new coach, and new players, this team is ready to achieve whatever they set their mind to.

“The goal doesn’t come with just one match,” said DeVarennes. “We need to take it one step at a time, point by point, then that will bring us to the result that we want.”

The team’s first home match will be on Mar. 29 against Regis College.

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