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The Greatest or Not… Peyton Manning’s Legacy Lasts Forever

Brendan McLean
Staff Writer

Peyton retires
Photo courtesy of Denver Broncos Facebook Page.

A legend has called it quits. Where does Peyton Manning rank all-time? Some will say he is the greatest to every play and others will say he doesn’t belong in the top 10. In my opinion, neither is true.

To be able to walk off the field as a champion is something that very few athletes can say. John Elway and Mark Recchi come to mind. I don’t believe Manning held on too long, – Brett Favre held on too long.

Manning saw the writing on the wall. Brock Osweiler came in for the Broncos and played very well at parts throughout the season. Manning was ineffective at times throughout the playoffs and clearly; Manning wasn’t going to be the starting quarterback in Denver.

When a legend retires, its time to honor his legacy and put it in the proper place. Manning is a two-time Super Bowl champion, five time league M.V.P., two-time offensive player off the year, and a seven time first team All-Pro. Obviously, Manning has many more accomplishments and records to his name.

The nerds will tell you Manning is the greatest off all time strictly due to the numbers in record books. A stat I’m sure Manning isn’t proud off is the fact that he has been one and done in the playoffs nine times. Nine years, Manning earned a playoff spot and lost in his first game. In 7 of those 9 games, Manning was at home and his team was favored.

Tom Brady, Joe Montana, John Elway, and Dan Marino are often considered the bets quarterbacks to ever play the game. Manning is in that discussion as well. How good was Manning? Bill Belichick decided to go for a 4th and 2 while winning, just to ensure Manning won’t get the ball back. The greatest coach in league history was afraid of giving the ball back to Manning because he knew what was going to happen.

I don’t see how you can say Manning is better than Brady, Montana, or Elway. Brady has four super bowls and has played in six. Montana has played in four super bowls and won every one of them. Elway won two super bowls and played in five of them. Brady was leading in all of his six Super Bowls when he walked off the field. If his defense had stopped Eli Manning, Brady would be 6-0. Montana never threw a Super Bowl interception, while Elway took a while to win his first, the records show, when the talent is around him, he will win.

I think Manning is the fourth greatest quarterback to ever step on the field. Brady, Montana, Elway, and then the sheriff. Seriously, Manning was awesome. He obviously had some issues in college with sexual harassment and issues in the NFL with the PED situation. Was he perfect? No. Who is? Bottom line, Manning was an assassin throughout his career in the regular season and is definitely the greatest regular season quarterback off all time.

When the Colts or Broncos had the ball, defensive coordinators were shaking in their boots. The reason: Manning was unstoppable at times. Congratulations on a great career, Peyton Manning.

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