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Miley Cyrus’ Style

Taylor Hassa
Staff Writer


fashionSince the Video Music Awards, it is safe to say that Miley Cyrus has been the talk of the town. Her performance was outrageous to say the least and captured the eye of every viewer and media outlet.

The media has critiqued her dancing, body, hair, outfit choice and just about everything she did that night. Cyrus has had to deal with all of these critiques and essentially try to explain herself and her actions.

This Saturday, on Saturday Night Live, Cyrus made her final statement about that night.

“I don’t apologize for my VMA performance,” stated Cyrus. “If I owe anyone an apology, it’s the people who make the bottom half of shirts.”

It is amazing that after all of the criticism, Cyrus is still able to make jokes, and she has every right to. Honestly, who needs the bottom half of a shirt when you have a flat stomach like that?

Cyrus is a big reason that crop tops have become such a huge trend. Every store you go into is now selling them. Fall is upon us and it’s getting colder, but crop tops are still flying off the shelves.

It is the perfect choice, especially for teens, because it looks great; you can wear it with virtually any kind of pant or skirt, and it is the perfect excuse to show off your belly.

That being said, crop tops aren’t exactly the go-to shirt during the week. Going to class or out to the grocery store with your parents doesn’t exactly call for a crop top.

But, on a Friday or Saturday night when you’re going downtown with all your friends, it is the perfect choice.

Crop tops can be worn with a jacket that looks good open. It still shows off the cute belly, but keeps you warm at the same time.
So for all you Miley lovers out there that think the bottom of shirts are old news, go out and stock up on crops tops. They’re the new thing!

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