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Netflix Hidden Gems for Movie Explorers

Tyler Stinson
Staff Writer

I’ve come to the realization that a good majority of college students subscribe to a Netflix account. Among the students who have subscriptions, most have the watch instantly feature that gives a decent selection of movies and television shows to those with a computer, video game console or mobile devise.

After steamrolling through most of the movies and television shows I wanted to watch for the three years I’ve been a member, I began watching with a new purpose. I started to base my movie search on finding the oddest and most peculiar movies one could possibly find. Any movie with a rating above three stars I watch without hesitating.

This is why I’ve decided to kick off my year of movie reviews with my favorite hidden gems in the Netflix library. To give a more diverse movie selection to those who feel they have conquered the depths of streaming content, and want to further their quest of entertainment.

Ambok 3 is my first must-watch movie. If you’re a fan of astonishing kung fu, crazy fight scenes and gore, Chinese interpretive dance, and a plot that I didn’t follow because I despise reading subtitles, than Ambok 3 is your kind of flick.

Being completely serious, Tony Jaa is an amazing real life martial arts master and some of the moves he pulls off are worth checking out alone. This is about as good as it gets for a big budget overseas action flick, so check it out as soon as possible.

Anthony Bourdain is a personal hero to me, but don’t let my bias get in the way of you checking out his show No Reservations. Put simply, if you are a fan of travel, this is a must-see television show.

Bourdain’s look on travel is distinctly unique and real, as I often find my mouth watering with envy of the different foods and places he visits. If you’re already familiar with the show, seasons one through four are currently up on Netflix, and if you have never seen a clip of it, go click any episode and get hooked in.

Finally, a hockey comedy featuring Seann William Scott that honestly, and whole heartedly gave Slapshot a run for the crown of best comedy hockey movie (not including The Mighty Ducks). Goon gives hockey fans and comedy lovers the best of both worlds with tons of hilarious on ice fighting. Scott’s character is  recruited on a wimpy hockey team for his fighting skills and the comedy ensues. In my mind an instant cult classic for hockey fans.

However, it is corny in some parts and it can drag along at times, but hockey fights will make up for that.

Now go check out my selections and start discovering many more. The strange world of movies is always full of surprises.

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