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New Club on Springfield College’s Campus: Society for Human Resource Management

Logan Mullen
Staff Writer



In a day and age where the term “networking” is synonymous with how many friends someone has on Facebook or how many connections a person has on LinkedIn, it is easy to forget just how important traditional face-to-face networking can be.

The Society for Human Resource Management is here to change that.

The name is a mouthful, but according to Club President Adyson-Noelle DeJardin  it is, “[an] organization that helps students and professors network.” The club’s mission is to connect Springfield College students to working professionals by serving as, what DeJardin, a second year Master’s student in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at Springfield College, refers to as a “community liaison.”

The club, composed of both undergraduate and graduate students,  has been present on campus for roughly 15 years, but only recently received official recognition. The reason for such a delay is due to the Society for Human Resource Management (or SHRM for short) serving as a national organization, and up until last month, Springfield College was not recognized as an official chapter of SHRM. Prior to this the club was still active as ever, lacking only formal titles.

SHRM holds monthly meetings, both on-campus and in the greater Springfield community, which DeJardin says is, “where the networking part [takes place].”

One major benefit for the club is finances, as all of their on-campus meetings are paid for by student activities and all of their off-campus meetings by the SHRM community. This has also led to the opportunity for four Springfield College students to attend the SHRM national conference this April without having to pay a cent, a huge step forward for a growing club.

Though actual membership in SHRM is generally for Psychology and Business majors, any member of the Springfield College student or faculty can reap the benefits of SHRM, with the group providing students help in finding internships, jobs, or, simply, connections with individuals who can help them in the professional world.

“We are small, but we are opening up to others,” said DeJardin, who is making a point to network the club on campus.

In an effort to continue networking throughout the campus, the group is hosting social nights to support the group atmosphere. Moreover, they are also trying to connect with other groups on campus in a variety of forums, not only to expand campus knowledge and awareness of the club, but to also provide as many students as possible with networking opportunities.

The club, no matter how small or large they are, continues to stay in touch with past members because many of them serve as quality connections for current students.

“I still talk to graduates from three years ago,” said DeJardin.

The Society of Human Resource Management may be small, but the opportunities they provide are vast. Be sure to look into membership in the club or to simply utilize its abilities to connect.

The next meeting will be Monday, Dec. 9 in Cheney Hall Room B from 4:30-5:30 p.m. Susan Miller from the Employers Association of the Northeast will present “Communication – Why is it so Difficult?” It promises to be an informative presentation.

Adyson-Noelle DeJardin can be reached at if you have any questions about the club or its activities on or off campus.

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