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Project Sustainability Brings Green Initiative to Campus

Kristen Linnartz
Staff Writer


Photo Courtesy Project Sustainability Facebook Page
Photo Courtesy Project Sustainability Facebook Page

Going green is something that we are all familiar with.

We hear it on TV and on the radio, and we see it on signs, but now on campus there is a new club that will be preaching this matter.

Project Sustainability is devoted to improving environmental literacy throughout campus. They seek to empower students and staff to improve the green environment and commit to new green habits.

“As a new organization, we are very fluid in our thinking.  Thus we are open to engaging on a broad front of campus-related environmental projects,” said Michael Chicoine, president of Project Sustainability. “Current projects include a revamping of the recycling system and providing students reusable water bottles.”

Some of the clubs plans for campus deal with solar electricity, recycling, local food sourcing and energy efficiency, with proposals that include gardening and LED fundraisers, seedling give-aways, a campus-orchard establishment, field trips and guest speakers.

“It is important to us that our members gain more than an awareness of the environmental issues facing the campus, country, and world; we look to grant skills needed to both avoid and reverse these challenges,” said Chicoine.

Going green is something that is becoming more and more familiar with people everywhere due to the deterioration of the global environment. With Project Sustainability on campus, people will not only be able to become more knowledgeable on environmental topics, but they will be able to take action themselves. Outlets like this on campus will help to keep Springfield College a cleaner and healthier place.

Project Sustainability is aiming to turn Springfield College into an example of students and faculty who take responsibility for the health of the environment. They are chartered within the Student Government to make people more aware of the environment and their presence on campus.

Project Sustainability was made to build a platform to enable discussion and meaningful change on campus. The first meeting is October 30 at 8 p.m. in the Dodge Ballroom, with free ice cream for all who attend. The club will meet every other Wednesday after that.

Project Sustainability officers include Liz Tomanio, Bobby Romano, Julia Berv, Julia Cone and Michael Chicoine. Dr. Jonathan T. Parrott, the college’s director of Sustainability and Land Use Management, is the mentor of Project Sustainability. They also have a Facebook page where you can check them out and learn more about the club.

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