A Day in the Life: Pride Ride Driver Chuck Lane

Even on a small campus like Springfield College, walking from one side to another at night can be quite the hike, and the distance between the Townhouses and International Hall is never a fun walk. On this campus, a handful of students meet the qualifications and land the job of a Pride Ride Driver. When students see those flashing green lights during snow storms in the winter or when they’re scared to walk alone at night, it becomes their knight in shining armor.

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Sam Megas: A Springfield College Student Who Lives Fitness

Here at Springfield College, fitness is an important part of daily life It is no secret that this is an extremely athletic school and we take pride in that. A big contributor to this community’s fitness is Sam Megas. Megas not only devotes her life to fitness but also devotes a lot of time to Springfield College by teaching the famous BODYPUMP class.

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A Day in the Life: Springfield College East Campus’ Own Angela Veatch

A day in the life of Assistant Director of East Campus and Outdoor Programs Angela Veatch is always different. East Campus is always hosting programs for students and giving people a positive outdoor experience. With the help of student staff workers and all the East Campus staff they help everyone there to expand their knowledge.

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