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Random Act of Kindness Group Making a Difference on Campus

Ben Ryan

Staff Writer

There’s an old saying out there, “Treat others the way you would like to be treated,” and in a world with such harsh judgment on others, that quote should probably stick in the back of our minds, no?

Maddie McDougall started a club on Springfield College’s campus called Rachel’s Challenge. The idea of it is to pass on generous and random acts of kindness all over the campus. While it may seem like a campus-only type thing, it’s for the whole community of Springfield.

From April 13 to 17, you can surprise someone with a thrilling act of kindness. The thing is, though, that there doesn’t have to be a set date to make somebody happy. After all, what’s better than seeing somebody’s large smile after being complimented? People should make each other happy all the time, but maybe an event like this can get the ball rolling.

Acting against bullying to kids, and people all around, McDougall came up with the idea of giving a little something to everybody; almost like the “Pay It Forward” idea. Whether it’s saying hello, or giving a hug, any little gesture means something to that person.

“The club’s mission is solely to be nice to people and be anti-bullies. To bring happiness to the campus is the main goal,” said Anne Warchol, the Assistant Director of Student Activities.

Warchol is all for the idea, she believes that the idea of this is exactly what every college needs.

“I think it’s great. People are in really miserable moods lately. So if any sort of act can turn somebody’s day around, then why not?” Warchol said.

If somebody can do something as little as giving someone a hug to make him or her happy, the idea of this is just fascinating.

When it all comes down to it, Random Act of Kindness Week) should be more than just that. Three hundred and sixty-five days a year, there should be people committing these acts. If you’re feeling ambitious, go out of your comfort zone and try this; it could very well be the best decision of your life.

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