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Singing at the Spring Concert

default-featimageMeghan Zimbler
Staff Writer

As the spring approaches, there are many things in store for Springfield College. One in particular is the Annual Spring Concert put on by several different musical groups on campus.

The audience will be feeling good after this show with performances by a few soloists, the SC Jazz Ensemble, the SC Singers, the High Strung group and the chamber group. The groups have been working on the music since the start of the semester.

The Springfield College campus is mostly perceived as an athletic school, but the Annual Spring Concert is here to showcase what the music department is also capable of doing.

“It’s cool. There is not really a big music program here at Springfield, so it’s nice to be able to let our musicians shine for a night,” said senior Amanda Pelkey, who will be performing the song “My Sweet Song” by Toby Lightmen.

Pelkey has sung in three out of the  four spring concerts during her time at SC, and is looking forward to the fun-filled night to come.

Along with Pelkey, there are about 40 musicians performing in this year’s Spring Concert. James Brown’s “I Feel Good” is being played in order to keep up the spring and feel good theme.

“I’m pretty excited…it’s cool to be able to sing in front of an audience,” said Jillian Funk, a member of the SC Singers. “It’s cool to hear hidden talents because there are people you wouldn’t even expect to come out and sing their hearts out.”

The Annual Spring Concert is definitely a tradition here, and helps the transition from the cold, winter weather, into the beautiful Massachusetts’ spring weather. The hour show will have happy and uplifting songs that will get students into the spring mood.

The show will take place at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, April 18 in the Townhouse Conference room. If you want to feel good and hear the talented musicians of Springfield College, the Annual Spring Concert is the place to be.

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