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Sti-Yu-Ka is Ready to Kick Off

Andrew Gutman
Staff Writer

Among the senior walk, the off limit grass and Humanics in Action Day stands a tradition taller than them all at Springfield College, Sti-Yu-Ka.

Students bare their cool Sti-Yu-Ka t-shirts and sunglasses as they revel in a week that is a legend here at Springfield. By this time of year, the grass is green, the sky is blue and the sun is shining bright as various activities take place all over campus.

Sti-Yu-Ka, a Native American saying meaning “coming of age,” began in 1962.  It is a club that promotes a fun-filled week with lots of substance-free revelry.

“The premise of Sti-Yu-Ka, was formed by a bunch of students who, at the time, at the college thought that people were unruly and out of control,” Assistant Director of Student Activities and the advisor to the Sti-Yu-Ka committee, Annie Warchol said. “There were a lot of activities based around drinking, so they formed Sti-Yu-Ka. They wanted to provide students with other activities that weren’t solely based around drinking.”

The club works tremendously hard all year round coming up with themes and working within their budget to bring the best activities to the school that they can provide.

“We provide tons of different activities throughout the week,” said Warchol, who has been with Springfield for five years. “Some are traditional and some are new every year, but we provide opportunities for students to just have a great week with tons of stuff to do and to just enjoy themselves.”

This spring week gives students the opportunity to relax and unwind leading up to finals. With summer right around the corner, students can get a bit anxious, but Sti-Yu-Ka gives them a week to participate in a variety of enjoyable activities.

This year, comedian John Cassidy will be coming Wednesday, April 24 to the Richard B. Flynn Campus Union at 8 p.m. to provide some laughs and fun. The a cappella group will also be performing some Boys II Men style ‘90s music a day before on April 23, also at 8 p.m. in the Union.

Sti-Yu-Ka bingo is a traditional Sti-Yu-Ka event that Warchol takes great pride in.

“If you go to other schools’ bingo, [it] is just calling out a number,” explained Warchol. “But at Springfield, [bingo] is DJ’d, there are dance-offs, people play rock, paper, shoot over the same card. Last year they gave out free Ipod shuffles to the first 10 people who ran to the stage.”

Along with all the exciting events that Sti-Yu-Ka has for the students of Springfield, it is always topped off with a concert in the Blake Arena. This year, SC Backstage, along with the Sti-Yu-Ka Club got Lupe Fiasco to come with a 15-piece band.

And who can forget the ever popular Sti-Yu-Ka Games with such events as the oatmeal pass and the greased pole climb, all taking place on Reed Green from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Friday, April 26.

With this long-lasting tradition right around the corner, students can start to gear up for a week worth waiting for on Alden Street.

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