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Smith Collects New England High School Emmy Award for Series on Homeless

Vin Gallo

Assistant Sports Editor


Photo courtesy of Cam Smith


Starting on something late has little to no consequence on someone when they were born to do it. Just ask freshman communications/sports journalism major Cam Smith.

Smith ventured into the field of journalism as a senior at Plymouth (Mass.) South High in joining the school’s Panther TV program. “He had a lot of catching up to do,” said Cam’s high school journalism teacher Adam Smith (no relation). “He needed to learn how to write packages and how to film. Within the first couple of weeks he put in so much work to learn how to do it. It takes our students a couple of months to get going, but [Cam] picked it up super-fast and by the first month, he was off and running.”

It was in that same year when Cam Smith would craft a TV package entitled, “Homelessness in America’s Hometown.” On May 25, Smith will receive the High School Public Affairs/Community Service New England Academy of the Arts Emmy Award for the three-part series. He became the first in his school to win an Emmy for a TV series.

“I was shocked,” said Smith, who received knowledge of his award back on April 4. “I was really happy because I’d worked so hard on that piece. The entire focus was to open people’s eyes to the issue of homelessness. It was really exciting.”

“The fact that he took it on by himself, it’s super impressive that he put together an Emmy-winning story, let alone a whole series,” said Adam Smith. “It was definitely one of my prouder moments as a teacher.”

The packages chronicled a teen who ran away from home and lived on the streets of Boston for 3-4 months, three men and their experience in a Plymouth homeless shelter, and tales from a Boston women’s shelter.

“To be able to hear [the homeless] out and listen to everything they’ve gone through in their stories, it really changed me a lot,” said Smith. “It was very touching.”

After assisting in show production and anchoring for Plymouth South, Smith found himself heading for Springfield College, a school with a gem of a major in communications/sports journalism, within an institution known for schooling in physical education.

Smith said, “All the professors were awesome. They really got me to come here. From listening to them and hearing the things that Springfield had to offer, I knew that this is where I needed to be.”

Smith will look to continue his quest to break through into the field of journalism with SCTV3. The freshman has begun to work with live streams of athletic events, as well as the campus’s weekly TV show. His dream is to be employed by ESPN, and looks to one day cover his favorite childhood team: the Boston Red Sox.

“I have really high hopes for him,” said Adam Smith. “Because of his work ethic, he’s willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen. His personality is very outgoing, he’s really good on camera, and he’s really good with people. I really see him flourishing in college and beyond that – he’s going to find his niche and do well in the industry.”


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