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Sti-Yu-Ka, Humanics Lecture, Stepping Up Day, Highlight Lineup of Late Year Tradition

Jill Campbell

Assistant News Editor

The concept of tradition is something that is alive and well at Springfield College. Whether it’s refusing to step foot on that perfectly-groomed grass, donning the most flattering beanies during NSO weekend, or heading to Cheney in pajamas for midnight breakfast, Springfield is no doubt an institution that appreciates its customs.

Next week, three of those well-known and well-loved events will be taking place on campus: Sti-Yu-Ka, the annual Humanics Lecture, and Stepping Up Day.

Sti-Yu-Ka is one of the most favorite weeks in a Springfield student’s academic year. Originating in 1962 and translating to “Coming of Age”, Sti-Yu-Ka is a week-long festival filled with various events scheduled by Student Activities. It is a time for all members of the Springfield College community to come together and celebrate all of the hard work put in throughout the year – to have fun and unwind. There is sure to be something for everyone, from games on the green to Sti-Yu-Ka bingo, to the spring concert on Saturday. which will feature country artists Chase Bryant and Jana Kramer.

Also kicking off the week is the Humanics Lecture, which will take place on Tuesday, April 18 at 4 p.m. in the Appleton Auditorium. This annual tradition is one that is near and dear to the heart of Springfield, as it celebrates the works of professors who strive to exemplify the beloved philosophy of Humanics: “the education of the whole person—in spirit, mind, and body—for leadership in service to others.” The 2016-17 Distinguished Professor of Humanics, Sam Headley, will be providing this year’s lecture on what the Humanics philosophy means to him. At the end of the event, the 2017-18 Distinguished Professor of Humanics will be announced.

The last tradition on the agenda is Stepping Up Day. This will be the 91st annual ceremony, an event that found its origin in 1926. Originally coined with a more shocking title, “Decapitation Day,” this used to be the magical day where first-years were allowed to take off the beanies that they had been donning for the previous seven months. Now that the year-long beanie wearing is no longer a celebrated tradition, Stepping Up Day is a way to recognize the transition from first-years to sophomores, sophomores to juniors, juniors to seniors, and seniors to alumni. Members of the Springfield College community will gather in front of Marsh Memorial to pay tribute to these acts of climbing the ranks.

So while times may change and trends will come and go, one thing that will always remain is the affinity that Springfield College holds for repeating these yearly events.

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