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Springfield College Crime Round-Up

default-featimageJoe Brown
Features Editor

On Monday, April 15 at 2 a.m. a student’s vehicle was stolen out of Lot 6 (the lot directly in front of International Hall) according to Police Chief Judy Jackson. The door was locked, but two robbers managed to break into it. Springfield City Police recovered it, but it was stripped and torched. It has been turned over to the arson squad for
further investigation.

On Wednesday, April 17 a male Springfield resident was arrested after a Springfield College faculty member discovered him using a computer in a Hickory Hall classroom. “He’d been in there two or three other times that we hadn’t been able to catch up with him, but this morning we caught up with him and he was arrested, because he’s been here before, we’d arrested him before, and he’s on probation. He violated his trespass, so now he’s on lock up,” Jackson said. According to the report Jackson received from the anonymous faculty member, the man was looking at porn the first time he was discovered in the unoccupied classroom on Friday, April 12. He was also in the room on Monday, April 15 before getting arrested yesterday. According to Jackson, the suspect admitted to the crime when confronted off-campus by SC police, who recognized that his clothing matched the faculty member’s description.

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