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The Importance of Logging Your Workouts

default-featimageAndrew Gutman
Staff Writer

Logging your workouts, a topic that I think isn’t looked up as an essential piece of one’s fitness endeavors, but very well should be. Here are some valid reasons in my opinion of why logging your workouts can be beneficial to you.

 Logging your workouts gives you the ability to reference past exercises, sets and weight used in all of your workouts. I find this useful because it causes me to want to push harder than I did before. If I didn’t have my weights I lifted written down, there is a good chance I would stick with the same weight that feels comfortable every time.

It motivates you to push. I already said this, but it is an important factor in the sense that when things are written down, they are real. When things are real you can reflect on the  fact that you are using weight that you aren’t happy with or that you are proud of and can use that to make yourself better and push harder.

You can write down your thoughts. For me, working out can be an emotional time. I put all of my negative and positive emotions and energy into my workouts, and sometimes this causes me to think productively. Writing down how certain exercises felt to you, or writing down what you thought you got out of that workout can help you to clear your mind and focus on lifting hard.

Finally, the biggest reason that writing down your workouts can benefit you in my opinion is that it helps you to know and understand your body and how it responds to certain exercises, sets, reps and various programs. Knowing what works for you can help you to create your ideal program that will get you the best results.

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