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Springfield College Dance Team Reaches For Stars

Meghan Zimbler
Contributing Writer

A group of talented dancers will be taking the stage Friday night, Dec. 14, as they “Reach for the Stars,” dedicating this performance to an amazing cause. The Springfield College Dance Team gets ready to go with a fun and entertaining show to display all their hard work.

The show is being dedicated to the Jed Foundation, which has a mission, according to their website, “to promote emotional health and prevent suicide among college and university students.”

The dancers have taken a personal approach to this show, making it very relatable for the audience and performers in the show as well.

“Any member of the team can choreograph,” said Alison McHorney.

“There are a lot of different styles,” added Alicia Annelli.

The Dance Team is a little different than the rest of the teams here at Springfield College. Instead of being run by a coach, it is run by two captains, Alicia Annelli and Alison McHorney. There are also three other members of the board: Erin Carpenter, the public relations representative; Paige Cianciolo, the treasurer; and Katherine Martin, the secretary. Together, they pick the group who are going to be on the team.

To decide who dances in the show and other performances, the board holds a master class, and any dancers can show up. They go through a series of different combinations and decide who can dance with the Pride.

“Reach for the Stars” is the name of the show and it exemplifies what the Dance Team is all about. This is their second showcase, and McHorney said, “We’ve done a lot in a short amount of time.”

The Pride Dance Team has been preparing for this event for about four months now. In that time, they have practiced an average of two times a week. When asked about being confident about their practice time, the entire board said that they are really happy with it.

So what is in store for the performance on Friday?

“A fun, entertaining show,” Cionciolo said. “It’s a feel-good kind of show,” added McHorney. The board shared that the emcee, Keith Moore of the Residence Life Department, will be an awesome addition to the show.

The Pride Dance Team definitely shows a lot of heart.

“This is our lives, this is what we live for,” Carpenter said.

Other than the “Reach for the Stars” performance on Friday night, the team performed at all home football games and also performs at the home basketball games. The board all agreed that they are always looking for different and more opportunities to perform.

The five board members unanimously stated about the team that “We are so incredibly proud of the girls and what they have done in a short amount of time…We are just really excited and proud.”

“Reach for the Stars” will open Friday, Dec. 14 at 7 p.m. in Fuller Arts Center.

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