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Springfield College Glee Club and Band Ready to Spread Holiday Cheer

Pat Kenney
Contributing Writer

Stress is everywhere this time of year with winter break nearing and finals week almost upon Springfield College. It can all be overwhelming, but there are events that can help students relax, unwind and get into the holiday spirit.

The Springfield College Glee Club and SC Band are hosting their Annual Holiday Concert tonight with holiday songs such as “Silent Night,” to help those in need of relaxation and some holiday cheer.

“The concert is very casual, and we want our audience to relax, enjoy themselves and get into the holiday spirit,” said Christopher Haynes, the director of the band and an assistant professor of Music on campus.

The Holiday Concert has been around for a long time, and many consider it a tradition here on campus.

“I’ve been here for 20 years, and this concert outdates my time here,” said Haynes.

Haynes and everyone involved in the Music department enjoy this concert and understand why it has become a tradition. It brings people together with a common interest, and lets the performers showcase their musical talents.

Springfield College is perceived as an athletic school for good reason, but often times, athletics seem to overshadow the talented Music department.

“There is musical talent at Springfield College, and this concert helps us to showcase our talent to the rest of campus,” said Jennifer Rollinson, a sophomore oboe player. “It’s not just athletes here.”

The Athletics and Music departments are more similar than they seem to be. A piano to a pianist is like a racquet to a tennis player. Many athletes play sports or work out because it helps relieve stress or allows them to put off problems for a few hours.

“Music is my getaway, and it helps me connect with all the other people who also play instruments, and music is a big part of their lives as well,” said Rollinson.

Music also provides the same getaway for students who just want to express themselves and show off their talents.

The concert is a collaboration between the Glee Club, the Band and a string quartet. It includes a song called “April’s Snow,” which was written and directed by Haynes, and contains a festive theme along with an oboe duet.

Relaxation, casual dress, refreshments and holiday music are a great tool for those who want to de-stress before finals week and share a night with friends and colleagues.

Come out and support the musical side of SC at 7:30 p.m. on Thurs., Dec. 13 in the Fuller Arts Center and enjoy the holiday spirit.


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