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Springfield field hockey falls in heartbreaker to Wellesley, 2-1

By Daniel Johnson

The Springfield College field hockey team dropped their regular season finale to Wellesley on Saturday night, 2-1, at Stagg Field on Saturday night.

Springfield battled Wellesley on a Saturday night in weather that was less than ideal. Following a 6-0 loss to Western New England, Springfield was searching for a win to end the season on a high note, especially on the night celebrating their senior athletes.

Wellesley began the scoring against Springfield on a goal scored by Lyndsay Strong with six minutes left in the first period. Throughout the course of the physical contest, each team refused to let the weather affect their play as Springfield battled for offensive control. Both teams were aggressive creating plenty of opportunities for shots on goals.

The action was fast as the possession and control shifted from Springfield to Wellesley. Springfield played exceptional defense, where they were able to  prevent a majority of Wellesley’s cross attempts from turning to shots on goal. As the second period started to wind down, Springfield came across a penalty corner in the last two minutes. At a critical moment in the game, junior midfielder Carly Torrance crossed to teammate Grace Majka, who rocketed a shot into the goal to tie the game. Springfield would go to halftime tied 1-1 with momentum swinging their way.

The second half started no differently than the first, as both teams went straight back to where they left off; pushing the pace, and trying to gain the upper hand. Springfield had several opportunities that were very close to resulting in goals in the third period, but were unable to capitalize. At the end of the third period, the score remained 1-1, which raised the intensity and suspense knowing the tables could turn at any given moment.

As the second half continued, Springfield seemed as if they were starting to find their rhythm. With the score remaining tied entering the final period of play, both teams picked up the pace, with Wellesley firing an extremely close shot on goal that would’ve put the Pride down with just 10 minutes to play. Hitting the three-minute mark, Springfield led an offensive charge down the field but were unable to capitalize on an open goal situation. Wellesley responded with a major goal that was scored with about a minute left in the contest by Keller Gardner. As the Pride counted down the final seconds of the season, they were unable to pull off the victory. Wellesley ended up with the 2-1 victory.

The culture surrounding Springfield Athletics is warm and full of love and embrace. This can be seen through the emotion that the athletes display for the game they love with the teammates they love.

Assistant coach Amanda Nusbaum said, “I think our seniors are great, particularly last year because we didn’t have a season, they were put into a leadership position as juniors, I think that was evident through the season this year. Losing seniors is always the worst, four of them are starters, they’re good people, they’re motivated. I’m excited to see where life takes them but it’s very sad to see them go.”

With four seniors leaving, there will be some large spots to fill. The Pride finished the 2021 season with a record of 5-12.

Photo: Danielle Schmelling/The Student

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