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Springfield Football Live Blog: Aflred Comes to Visit For ECAC Division III Northeast Bowl

Joel Altavesta, Springfield College Football
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Final Score, Springfield 31, Alfred 8: Springfield will win the 2012 ECAC Division III Northeast Bowl as the clock ticks to triple-zeros here at Amos Alonzo Stagg Field. After a slugfest of a first quarter, Springfield came up with 24 unanswered points to put the game away. Although Alfred looked like coming back for a bit in the third quarter, Springfield quickly put that to rest with another rushing touchdown.

Jon Marrero’s 160 yards and two rushing touchdowns paced an offensive attack that racked up 390 yards of total offense in the win. Their 361 yards on the ground was just above their season average.

Joel Altavesta (83 yards, touchdown), Lou Fenaroli (46 yards, touchdown), Mike Davis (37 yards), Andrew Alty (27 yards) and Andy Bean (8 yards) also contributed to the huge rushing total.

4th quarter, 31-8 SC, 2:02 : With that last run, Marrero goes over the 900-yard mark for the season as his freshman season will wrap up today. Such a dynamic player for this team.

Interesting situation facing Mike DeLong next season as all three quarterbacks who have taken snaps this season will return. I do not envy him come spring practice, but the competition will be compelling.

4th quarter, 31-8 SC, : Schutz with another huge catch and run as he has been a problem for the SC defense. Sam Weiss erases all thoughts of another touchdown for Alfred as he comes up with a pick.

Flag on the field will back up the Pride, but the interception stands as Dzielski has had a tough go of it since coming into the game.

4th quarter, 31-8 SC, 6:16: Springfield goes three and out and Rouse puts his leg into a nice punt. Alfred takes over at their own 42 yard line.

4th quarter, 31-8 SC, 8:01 : Joe Enslin replaced by Tom Dzielski in the backfield, finds Schutz on a shovel pass for a 17 yard gain and a first down. Schutz has been huge today for Alfred, really the only player showing signs of life for the offense.

Sam Wiess lays out Fuentes who caught the ball mid air down the sideline, forcing an incomplete pass. Weiss has been a difference maker in the backfield for the Pride all season and has made a few huge plays today.

Dzielski is picked off the next play by senior cornerback Brian Staub who is a converted quarterback/running back/wide receiver. Great play by Staub who has been such an important guy for this team all season.

4th quarter, 31-8 SC, 10:09: Lou Fenaroli rumbles in for the score as Springfield successfully takes off some time and gets on the board with a touchdown. Marrero with the bulk of the yards on that drive as SC extends the game and likely puts away the Saxons for the day.

Fenaroli becomes the third player to score today, joining Marrero and Altavesta.

4th quarter, 24-8 SC, 12:34: Jon Marrero breaks off a huge run for Springfield, taking the keeper for 32 yards and gets out of bounds. Not the start this Alfred defense needed. Another keeper nets him eight as Marrero has this offense chewing up clock and yardage in the fourth quarter.

In the NFL, they call it the four-minute offense. Take as much time off as possible as you put a team away with the run. Springfield is executing that offense to perfection right now.

4th quarter, 24-8 SC, 14:21: Maleke Fuentes punches it in from one yard out as the Springfield shutout comes to an end. Special teams have been the most prominent unit for the Saxons today so its no surprise that they play a huge role in getting them on the board.

Enslin and Schutz hook up for a two-point conversion an suddenly it’s a two possession game. Springfield now forced to run a ton of clock on this next drive.

End of the Third Quarter, 24-0 Springfield: Jon Ruffin takes a punt from Tyler Rouse all the way back to the Springfield one yard line as the Saxons show signs of life for the first time since the first quarter.

Fifteen minutes to play from Stagg field with the Pride in control.

3rd quarter, 24-0 SC, 2:22 : Kashden Naraine comes up with a huge stop as Springfield forces yet another punt from Alfred. That is Girolmo’s sixth punt of the game.

SC will start with the ball at the 16 yard line as Alfred gets a good punt from Girolmo.

3rd quarter, 24-0 SC, 4:48: Altavesta gets himself into the scoring summary with a one-yard touchdown run. Marrero and Altavesta have been the story here with Marrero now at exactly 100 yards rushing with 2 scores while Altavesta has 65 yards and a score.

Alfred got a finger tip on the extra point but Peacock still got it through.

3rd quarter, 17-0 SC, 5:09 : Springfield moving the ball well on the ground again with Marrero, Altavesta and Alty all snagged big runs. The options for the Pride out of the backfield seem to be endless as those three plus Bean, Davis, Rodman and Fenaroli have all handled the rock today.

Marrero takes a few players with him on a big run down to the one yard line as the freshman is having a huge day.

3rd quarter, 17-0 SC, 8:34: Alfred gives the ball right back as Kevin Shields comes up with a big fumble recovery on the 33 yard line. Fumble caused by freshman Daniel King.

That gives Springfield 18 forced fumbles this season.

3rd quarter, 17-0 SC,9:17 : The Pride drive stalls after three short runs by Marrero and Altavesta. Marrero scampers to the right on fourth-and-eight to get the first down and more down to the 15 yard line. Huge play to extend the drive here for Springfield.

Another penalty by the offensive line makes it first-and-15 from the 20. They try to run one of their patented pass plays with Mike Davis up the seam, but Michael Perkins jumped the route, bobbled the ball, and made the interception in the end zone. Alfred ball at the 20 yard line.

3rd quarter, 17-0 SC, 11:00 : Springfield picks up where they left off in the first half with Marrero and Altavesta pacing the Pride on the ground for the first drive.

Marrero with a brilliant play as he get’s hit in the backfield, but sticks with the option play and gets the ball out to Andy Bean  who scampers for the first down. He plays well beyond his years in the context of this offense.

3rd quarter, 17-0 SC, 13:31: Alfred goes three and out after Enslin’s throw for Fuentes hits off his hands and drops to the turf. Girolmo finally gets a nice leg into one with Davis calling for the fair catch at the 34 yard line.

No life on the Alfred sideline right now. That last touchdown was a killer.

3rd quarter, 17-0 SC, 15:00: Start of the second half with Alfred receiving the opening kick from Peacock and the Pride. Peacock kicks it out the back of the endzone and Alfred will start off at the 25 yard line.

End of First Half, 17-0 Springfield: Alfred nets a first down on the first play, but decides to take the game to the half with a 17-0 deficit hanging over their head. Alfred will get the ball to start the second half.

Springfield and Alfred started off what looked to be a defensive battle with 0 first downs through the first nine minutes of the game. But Springfield turned up the heat as the game went on and now takes a 17-0 lead into the half.

Correction:Jon Marrero scored the first touchdown, not Altavesta.

Statistical Leaders


  • Jon Marrero: 2-for-4, 29 yards; 10 carries, 48 rushing yards, 2 touchdowns
  • Joel Altavesta: 13 carries, 53 yards
  • Phil Baier: one catch, 18 yards
  • James Poggi0: one catch, 11 yards


  • Joe Enslin: 2-for-7, 50 yards
  • Jon Jackson: 2 carries, 23 yards
  • Josh Phillips: 1 catch, 33 yards

2nd quarter, 17-0 SC, :19: James Poggio throws the ball. Yep. Baier gets popped and the ball hits the turf. Altavesta nets a first down and Andrew Alty — fastest guy on the team — brings the ball down to the six yard line on the option, getting out of bounds to stop the clock.

Marrero throws the ball right to Alfred’s linebacker Brednan McGinnis but he can’t come up with the pick. He goes back to old reliable on the next play, running the triple option for the six-yard TD run. 17-0 Springfield with 19 seconds to play in the half.

A real killer of a drive there by Springfield as they execute a perfect two-minute drill and only had to use one timeout. This game feels much different than it did just a few minutes ago.

2nd quarter, 10-0 SC, 0:53: Altavesta punches through the line for the first down on a fourth and one. Lou Fenaroli blows through the Saxon defense for another chunk of yards and SC will take a timeout with the ball on the Alfred 26 with a chance to put some points up.

Altavesta has been the drive starter here for Springfield, typically carrying on the first play of each drive. He’s got 53 yards and a TD so far.

2nd quarter, 10-0 SC, 2:49: Enslin dumps off to Adam Schutz who rumbles for 18 of the 19 required yards. Alfred goes for the fourth down attempt but a bad snap to Maleke Fuentes in the WIldcat will give SC the ball on the 48 yard line with a chance to bury Alfred in the first half.

That Wildcat has been good for Alfred but it backfires there and could cost Alfred this game.

2nd quarter, 10-0 SC, 3:52: Joe Enslin finds Josh Phillips for a huge pass play that nets them a first down and some solid field position. Unfortunately, the next play — a reverse to Jon Ruffin — backs them up as Phillips drills Sam Weiss with a block in the back, wiping out an 8 yard play.

Alfred shooting themselves in the foot here, which is never good when you face an opportunistic defense like this one.

2nd quarter, 10-0 SC, 4:56 : Yet another false start penalty backs up the Springfield offense as Mike DeLong is looking quite annoyed at this point. A few Altavesta runs bring up another fourth down which ends up being yet another penalty on Springfield.

Ricky Peacock trots out to attempt the field goal, which he knocks through the uprights from 30 yards out. 10-0 Springfield here in the second quarter.

2nd quarter, 7-0 SC, 6:45 : A false start penalty makes things difficult for the offense. Altavesta gets the status quo back, but back-to-back runs by Marrero come up short. A fourth down play by Marrero does net them the first down as the quarterback is starting to settle in a bit here in the second quarter.

Between Altavesta and Marrero, the Springfield rushing attack is eating up yards now and they look poised to add another score. Marrero, Davis and Altavesta all with over 30 yards on the ground thus far.

2nd quarter, 7-0 SC, 10:29: Marrero shows off his arm by hitting Baier on quick hitter for the first down then hits James Poggio for another first down on a comeback route. Joel Altavesta grabs a 11 yards on the next few plays as the momentum of the no-huddle offense has Springfield rolling.

This is the offense that is averaging 410.1 yards per game this season and they are firing on all cylinders.

2nd quarter, 7-0 SC, 12:54: Jon Marrero scampers for a first down but a holding penalty backs them up to a 3rd-and-8 scenario. Penalties killing the Pride today.

Marrero tries to make something happen on a draw play, but Chris Steeves drags him down after a four-yard gain. Rouse puts a good leg into it but, an Alfred encroachment penalty will give Springfield new life with a first down at the 17 yard line.

FInally, a penalty that doesn’t hurt the Pride.

End of First Quarter, 7-0 Springfield: After Jackson’s run shows some life for Alfred, the Saxons drive stalls. Girolmo finally gets a big punt as it pins Springfield down at the four yard line.

Springfield leads through one, despite accumulating just 63 yards of total offense. Not the game we were expecting here, today.

1st quarter, 7-0 SC, 1:50: Jon Jackson shifts to the offensive side of the field and blows through the Springfield defense for a huge gain. Jackson, normally a cornerback, looked like a natural born tailback on that run.

1st quarter, 7-0 SC, 2:03 : Jon Marrero and Lou Fenaroli net back to back first downs as Springfield is looking to make Alfred pay for the subpar punt. The very next play, however, backs up Springfield five yards on an illegal motion penalty.

Mike Davis rumbles down the left sideline for an 18-yard gain to the Alfred one-yard line. Joel Altavesta punches in the score on the very next play.

Davis is one of the most explosive runners you will see at the Division III level and once he gets in to the open field towards the corner there is no catching him without taking a good angle eight or nine yards down the field. If he can provide big plays like that all game, Springfield will be in good shape today.

1st quarter, 0-0, 4:06 : Springfield’s defense steps up after giving up the game’s first first down by stuffing the Saxon attack on the next series. Defensive stars Max Nacewicz and Sam Weiss each with brilliant plays to stall the Alfred drive.

Girolmo with another tough punt that will give Springfield the ball at the 40 yard line of the Saxons.

1st quarter, 0-0, 7:09: Springfield with yet another three-and-out. We saw Marrero take to the air with a deep throw for Phil Baier, but he was triple covered and the ball hit the turf.

Rouse with a beauty of a punt and it took a Springfield bounce at the four yard line and was downed at the seven. Field position and special teams playing a big role in this game right now.

1st quarter, 0-0, 8:30: Springfield’s defense telling Alfred’s “anything you can do, I can do better.” Another three-and-out for Alfred.

The punt by Matthew Girolmo, the product of a low snap, is a short one, with the Pride starting this drive in Alfred territory at the 45-yard line.

1st quarter, 0-0, 10:09 : Another three and out for Springfield after Alfred sniffs out the option on back-to-back-to-back plays. The Pride managed to get about 9 1/2 yards but you need 10 for the first down.

Alfred, who has played Springfield eight teams with a 6-2 record, has handled the option perfectly. You have to think Murray’s SC connection and the history between the two teams is contributing to their defense stuffing the Pride attack.

1st quarter, 0-0, 12:02: Alfred also goes three and out after getting pushed back on consecutive plays by the Springfield defense which looks pumped up and is flying around. A third and 16 play almost netted them a first down, but the play was rules out of bounds.

The Alfred punt to Davis — and All-Liberty League return man — sticks SC down at the 22 yard line.

1st quarter, 0-0, 13:40: Springfield goes three and out. A rare slow start for the Pride offense. Tyler Rouse’s punt will give Alfred the ball on their own 37 yard line.

A false start penalty stall the first drive for the Pride, starting them at 1st and 15. Discipline will loom large today as Springfield tries to win their third ECAC Bowl in the last four years.

1st quarter: 0-0, 15:00: Alfred won the toss and will kick off to Davis and Andrew Alty. Pooch kick goes to Davis, who carries out to the 34 yard line. Solid field position for the Pride to start.

Worth noting: First-team Liberty League selection Duke Ekblom not starting at left tackle for the Pride.

11:55am: Welcome to Springfield College for today’s ECAC Division III Northeast Bowl between the Springfield College Pride and the Alfred University Saxons. Today we will be bringing you live updates on the game for the first time in the history I’m Jimmy Kelley and will be your host and resident Springfield football expert.

The Pride (7-3, 5-2 Liberty League) enter the game with one of the highest powered offenses in the country with a per game average of 410.1 yards of total offense. Freshman quarterback Jon Marrero has been a revelation for the Pride since becoming the team’s starting quarterback after start Austin Bateman and backup Rob Merckling went down with injuries.

The Pride’s rushing attack is led by the Roach offensive line, who pave the way for Mike Davis, Joel Altavesta, Keith Rodman and Andy Bean.

Alfred (6-3, 5-2 Empire 8) comes in averaging 334.8 yards per game in one of the more balanced attacks you will see. Alfred’s coach, Dave Murray, is a 1981 graduate of Springfield college and recently just won his 100th career game.

We will be bringing you updates throughout the game, which kicks off at 12 p.m. and can be seen on Springfield College’s Athletic’s site.

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