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Springfield men’s basketball’s Trey Witter enjoying career season

By Nico Fiscella

The 2019-2020 Springfield Men’s Basketball team is filled to the brim with talent.

Every game is soaked with amazing highlights and a great display of basketball. The team is assumed to be led by seniors Jake Ross and Heath Post, but senior guard Trey Witter is the glue that connects this team together.

In his senior campaign, Witter is averaging just under ten points, while shooting lights out with splits of 50.8/47.8/92. Witter is the first off the bench for the Pride, averaging around 17 minutes per game.

The game of basketball has surrounded Witter his entire life, and he embraces every moment since the very beginning.

“Twelve hours after I was born someone put a basketball in the hospital bed,” he said.

Witter grew up in a basketball house, where his role model father taught him everything he knows.

“My dad coached me… he’s my hero,” Witter said.

Outside of playing in the driveway, Witter has had the opportunity to play at Farmington High School in Farmington, Conn. with his dad as his coach before joining the Pride.

Now, entering the final stretch of his collegiate career, Witter could not be more pleased.

“There’s that element that it’s finishing, and it couldn’t have gone better,” he said.

Witter has had a huge impact on this historic team, who currently sit at 16-3 heading into Wednesday night’s game against Coast Guard. The spark he lights off the bench reflects on his peers around him.

“I’ve tried to embrace it; I know I can score and make plays for my teammates,” Witter said.

Junior forward Harper Niven cherishes everything Witter has done for him.

“His presence is absolutely felt in the locker room and he is someone I talk to quite a bit,” Niven said. “My favorite thing is talking D-III hoops with him and talking about the 2017-2018 team that went to the Final Four. Hearing those experiences makes me want to do something special so badly.”

Witter was in his sophomore season when the men’s team had their historic March, and he shares the experiences with all those around him.

“I know how badly he wants to get back and win it all,” Niven said.

Everything has come full circle for Witter.

The team is entering the lower half of their season, and he’s consuming every second of it.

“It’s crazy you think about it all the time… You’re always building to that [goal] but there’s no next as a senior now,” Witter said.

With high expectations for the 23rd ranked team in NCAA Div. III, Witter and his teammates have taken Springfield coach Charlie Brock’s simple approach through the season.

“We are trying to take it a day at a time… want to have good practices, that’s where it starts,” Witter said.

If Witter cannot be on the court playing, he has goals to move forward in life with his beloved sport.

“I’ve grown up around this game,” he said. “One day I want to be a college coach.”

No matter where Witter finds himself after his time at Springfield comes to close, basketball will always be a part of him.

The sport has given so much to him, and he has a goal of giving it back to those around him.

Featured photo courtesy Joe Arruda

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