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Students gather at Campus Union to watch the Super Bowl

Ty Coney

This past Sunday, the Campus Activities Board (CAB) held a Super Bowl party for students and faculty in the Dodge Room of the Campus Union.

Given the lack of local teams playing in this year’s big game, the watching of the Super Bowl turned into more of a casual event instead of a pride-filled watching and celebration.

Either way, there was a definite turnout to see the San Francisco 49ers battle the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl as attendees filled up tables as the game started.

The event had many different choices for food as CAB helped to provide those in attendance with an assortment of football style options. From buffalo wings to a dozen party size pizzas, there was something for everyone in attendance.

As the Super Bowl went on, the game was both exciting and filled with several highs and lows, with viewers in the room cheering and booing as big plays were made by their supported teams.

Carley Crain, a Communications/Sports Journalism major, said she got more out of the even than she was expecting to heading into it.

“I didn’t expect there to be as much food as they had and with the game being put onto the projectors inside the Dodge room, it was a great way to watch the game.”

The biggest part of the party was, of course, at halftime when the entire room sang along and watched as Shakira and Jennifer Lopez took Miami by storm. It was a halftime show that people were talking about even as the performers left the stage.
Crain said that after going to this event she would consider going to more CAB events in the future.

“You hear about bingo and stuff like that but I never expected the smaller stuff like this to be so well-organized. I think that from now on if it’s something that sounds interesting, I’ll give it more of a chance than I used to.”

CAB has another big event coming this Friday inside the Campus Union as they host the 100-day celebration for seniors as the countdown to graduation continues.

Photo Courtesy Ty Coney

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