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Stop Wasting Money on Athletic Clothes

Katie Benoit
Staff Writer

Springfield is known to be an athletic school. Most students play a sport, an intermural, or go to the gym after classes. With that being said, workout clothes aren’t always cheap. If you’re looking to find neat athletic wear – but you’re on a budget – here are some places to check out.

Target would definitely have to be my pick for best athletic clothing. The C9 line by Champion has a variety of clothing in fun color and patterns. It sells everything from tank tops to leggings. The prices are also pretty low and there are frequent sales. Also, sometimes you can find coupons in the newspaper ads.

Another great place to shop is Marshalls or T.J. Maxx. These stores have a huge selection of discount clothing. You can find name brand items from Nike to Under Armor at almost half of the price you would find at other stores.

Old Navy is also another place to find good workout clothes. It’s always having sales, meaning sometimes you can get clothes 40 to 50 percent off. They actually have some pretty cool graphic tank tops.

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