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The band Pepper Spices up Your Winter

Kevin Moss

Assistant A&E Editor

So I was pulling out my hair to find a  new album to review and give you my opinion on, but to be honest I couldn’t find anything new that really knocks my socks off or that is even worth turning you away from.

So I decided to give you some warm-weather artists who may ease your winter so far with thoughts of warm weather and beautiful days to come. I don’t know if you’re like me, but when I think of warm weather I think reggae and rock. The artist that came to mind for me was Pepper.

Originating in the Aloha State, this band exemplifies what being young and enjoying the summer is all about. They have toured across the country and this past year were a strong fixture on the alternative Warped Tour.  They’ve been drawing in crowds with their chill, relaxing and mellow vocals. This band sounds eerily similar to Sublime, with it’s rock/reggae sound.

Their most recent work is called Stitches, and it’s an EP with only five songs on it. They’ve produced five studio albums previously, all with the same catchy popping guitar sound and relaxed vocals. A personal favorite off Stitches is “Wake Up.” This is the perfect band to find on the Internet and throw on while you’re doing work through this cold semester. It’ll transport you to the beaches of Hawaii and give you a glimpse of warmer weather in these frigid times.

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