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The Golden Globes Snubs and Surprises

Matt Vaghi

Graphic Designer

The 2012 Golden Globes, which were hosted by come­dian Ricky Gervais, featured some deserving recipients but others that were not so much. Listed below are the biggest snubs, surprises and intrigu­ing stories that constituted the January 15th night.

Biggest Snubs

Breaking Bad – Best Drama. The fourth season of AMC’s crystal meth drug-dealing se­ries packed a pungent punch, this time propelling Walter White onto an entirely new character platform. Arguably the best show on TV right now, the fact that it didn’t even receive a nomination for best drama series is gaunt and en­raging.

Louis C.K – Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical. Stand-up comedian Louis C.K.’s awk­ward, brutally honest and blunt humor made leaps and bounds in its second season of Louie on FX. Its stylistic originality is refreshing and Louis C.K., or at least his show, should have been nominated for a Golden Globe.

Biggest Surprises

Kelsey Grammer – Best Actor in a Drama (Boss, HBO). Let’s not lie, the former Frasier star is a tremendous actor, but heavy­weights Steve Buscemi (Board­walk Empire) and Bryan Cran­ston (Breaking Bad) were more deserving of the best actor award for a drama series.

American Horror Story – Nominee for Best Drama. FX’s new horror series just had too many scattered storylines along with spotty writing to thrust it as a nominee for best drama. It’s one of those shows you either love or hate, and apparently it had enough love to be nominated. Shows like Breaking Bad and The Kill­ing had more dramatic quality than American Horror Story.

Should Have Won But Didn’t

Bryan Cranston – Best Actor in a Drama. Apologies for the constant battering of Breaking Bad in this review, but there’s no question that his role as a rouge and unpredictable Wal­ter White continues to amaze. It’s inconceivable to recall that Cranston was the same man who starred as the ditzy father on Malcolm in the Middle.

Most Intriguing Winner

Homeland – Best Drama. Showtime’s CIA-centered se­ries about an American POW who is turned by terrorists may not be the most original concept (see FOX’s 24), but it has all star performances by Damian Lewis and Claire Danes (who actually won the Golden Globe for best actress in a drama). At times, scenes in Homeland are so intense that you can barely breathe. This show has tremendous promise as viewers prepare for a second season.

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