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The hidden creativity of Blake Hall

Gianna DiPasquale

Staff Writer

All the way on the outskirts of the Springfield College campus, tucked behind Locklin Hall, is home to a seemingly outnumbered major of students. Blooming with life, a walkway is lined with vibrant flowers leading into a building like none other. It is here, where creativity has no limit, where students will define themselves, and the magic behind an undermined field of importance, is conceived. Blake Hall, contains the unforeseen.

In an unusual fashion, the second floor consists of a game lab, digital art lab, drawing studio and niches for design, art therapy, sculpture, and anything else art-related. This array of studio courses provides students with the possibility to develop artistically, visually and intellectually. The game lab provides students with the ability to create their own 3D environments and even go inside of them with a special virtual reality headset, Oculus Rift. The opportunities here in Blake Hall will challenge not only students in the major to reach their optimal potential, but impact others allow all students in the community to experience the effects and beauties of art and aesthetically and internally.

There are many questions and stereotypes associated with an art majors. How do art majors get jobs? What can you do with an art major? Art majors will never be able to make a living through art. Freshman Jeremy Vera, a computer graphics/ digital art major, feels the exact opposite about the field. “There’s a demand for art,” he said. “Certain types of art you can’t get jobs for, but there are so many different kinds of things that you can get jobs for.  For any video game studio, they need artists to design the games. For any movie, they need artists to do special effects and they need make up artists. Pretty much any advertisement you see in public, is art. Someone had to be hired to do all of these things.”

Alongside these different learning sections for the areas of art, is a one of a kind gallery. The William Blizzard Gallery, is displayed across the second floor containing art from community artists as well as students in the major. Open weekdays are from 9:30am – 4:30 pm, and anyone is welcome to explore and appreciate this unrecognized asset. The 2016-2017 academic year will promise nothing but inspiration and entertainment from the William Simpson Fine Arts Series, containing programs open to anyone with an interest in dance performances and theater presentations, art exhibitions and thought-provoking film, as well as concerts and literary events.

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