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The Pride of Saratoga football lives on at Springfield College

Ben Ryan

Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of Jordan Wilcox

In high school, there’s no tougher decision to make than choosing what college to attend in the fall. The application process, visits, apparel, and freedom are just a few of the many things to be excited about in the senior year of high school – especially if you’re involved in athletics.

Instead of just being a student, you’re a student athlete. Your class schedule changes, meet new teammates, have a new scenery and most importantly – find yourself choosing a school where you would love to play and contribute the most to.

For Jake Eglintine, Trevor Hallaran and Jordan Wilcox, making the decision to attend Springfield College was a bit different than others. All three are on the football team on campus and just happened to play on the same team in high school – the Saratoga Blue Streaks.

Located in Upstate New York, Saratoga Springs football is considered class AA section two under, which means that they’re classified as a larger school in the area, totaling between 2,500-3,000 students in the high school. So many students in one building can obviously be a scary thing, but not for Eglintine, who moved to Saratoga Springs his sophomore year of high school.

“It was great especially moving to Saratoga my sophomore of high school I instantly mad friends because of the football team and Jordan and Trevor and I all played varsity as sophomores so we had a close bond,” Eglintine said.

That close bond connected for the next two and a half years as both Eglintine (quarterback) and Wilcox (fullback) transitioned to the offense, where, just as they do now, start as quarterback and fullback for the Springfield College Pride.

Working as a team for so long can only create good chemistry, and going into a college program, that’s a must in order to perform well on the team. Luckily for Eglintine and Wilcox, they had three years of experience before they even stepped foot on Alden Street.

“It’s truly amazing, and I think we have all improved physically but mentally we have expanded our football knowledge in every aspect of the game of football which helps with the physical part of the game,” Wilcox said.

Ever since Eglintine moved from Utah to Upstate New York, he immediately became best friends with Wilcox and Hallaran. Right out of the gate, the chemistry was there. Since they were all talented enough to start their sophomore year, it created a bond that couldn’t be broken.

For them, it made things easier to get along with – knowing they had each to depend on made for best friends that would jokingly talk about college trips together.

“It’s funny cause Jake and I did all of our recruiting trips together, so we said as a joke it would be cool to keep playing together. Well Springfield came up and we both loved it,” Wilcox Said. “Coach (Jared) Keyte recruited us and is the reason we both landed here so it is definitely cool playing and living with my best friend.”

As both continue to grow to make their in-game play the best it can be, it wouldn’t have been the same without their nose guard throughout the years, Hallaran. At 5-foot-11-inches and 300 pounds, Hallaran found starting in high school to be a breeze. Although he doesn’t directly play on the same side of the ball as Eglintine and Wilcox, Hallaran has learned much more about his own game not only from the coaches, but from his friends, too.

“It’s definitely a good experience playing with friends from high school and personally I’ve learned so much about technique. If we could all go back knowing what we do now – our team would’ve dominated other teams,” Hallaran said. “We had a good time playing high school football. We had a lot of talented players and having both Jordan and Jake in the back field made me confident in games.”

Wilcox, Eglintine and Hallaran weren’t the only Blue Streak players that enrolled in Springfield in 2014. Ben Place also decided to come and play football at Springfield, but eventually decided to transfer to the University of Albany, which is closer to home.

The 518 loaded their talent and moved it to the 413, and as of now, it seems to be working out just fine. From teammates to best friends, Friday night games to Saturday’s, the trio of Eglintine, Hallaran and Wilcox have found the chemistry to keep the Blue Streak alive after all these years.

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