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Timeflies to Open for Gym Class Heroes for Spring Concert

Kevin Moss

Assistant A&E Editor

Timeflies may sound familiar to some and even more familiar to those of you who plan on attending the spring concert. The team of 23-year-old Cal Resnick (vocalist) and 22-year-old Rob Resnick (producer) is New York’s next rising duo and will open for Gym Class Heroes on April 14.

Starting in October 2010, Timeflies used YouTube to create enough buzz to have one of their songs, “Switchblade,” featured on FOX’s presentation of this year’s Cotton Bowl.

They’ll be opening for this year’s concert, but they have headline potential. Timeflies manages to tie in multiple genres like dubstep, rock, hip-hop, house and reggae. They don’t want to exclude anyone from hearing their music. This humble duo is even generous enough to put out a free song every Tuesday, known by most fans as “Timeflies Tuesday.” Timeflies is currently touring and still manages to have their videos up and edited within a day or two.

Their website is, and you can pick up all of their singles they’ve released on Tuesdays and see the cool, funky style of Timeflies. They’re definitely worth going to see at this year’s spring concert. You can bet I’ll be front-row jamming to this viral music. They also have a fully produced mixtape called Scotch Tape, and that’s free to download on their website as well.

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