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What is the “Spring Break Body?”

Kristen Linnartz

Staff Writer

Around campus there is one thing that everyone is talking about: Spring Break. Whether you’re going to a tropical get away or the comfort of your own home, spring break is something that everyone on campus is looking forward to.

Personally, I’m looking forward to going to Florida and finally getting to spend some time in the warm weather and relax, but everyone has their own agenda. I’ve heard of a lot of big trips to Cancun and Panama City Beach, but I’ve also heard people who are just excited to go home and get some R and R.

For those people who are planning a tropical get away, there is a lot of concern over having the “Spring Break Body.” Now, I assume that means getting in shape so you look good in a bathing suit and you can feel comfortable around a bunch of people. But what does a “Spring Break Body” really mean?

Does it mean dieting and working out so you’ll gain other people’s approval? Or does it mean doing all of that so you’ll have some small amount of confidence walking around? Working out and having a healthy diet is something, That can better your life beyond just having six pack abs, or toned arms.

I think it’s great that so many people are working out, but it makes me wonder why people don’t feel the need to be this way all the time. You can find all kinds of articles on how to get the perfect spring break body just about anywhere, but these steps shouldn’t be limited to just a week.

Being healthy should be something that you do all the time, but people also don’t need to be going on extreme diets and “cleanses” to fit this illusion that you need to have the “perfect bikini body” to look good in a bathing suit and have a good time. If you’re looking for serious results, you’re not going to see anything really concrete after just a couple weeks.

The key to having the perfect spring break body is to embrace who you are and the body you have. If you’re going somewhere tropical, focus on that, not the fact that you think you need to work out and diet to look good because you already do look good. Magazines and online websites drill into people’s heads that they need to follow all of these steps to have a great body but you already have one.

If you’re working out to be healthy, then that’s great, but working to achieve this idea of the perfect spring break body isn’t realistic because the body you have now is perfect. Spring break is about having fun, getting away from schoolwork, and being able to relax; that’s the main focus and that’s what everyone should be focused on.

How you look in the Victoria’s Secret bathing suit you got for Christmas doesn’t determine the kind of person you are. Being skinnier or more toned won’t make you a better person than you are right now. So when you’re on your break, embrace who you are and remember you look great.

My advice to anyone going on spring break is to have a great time and not worry about what you look like, have pizza for dinner or treat yourself to a cupcake because you’re young and you deserve it. Like the amazing artist Adele said, “”I think no matter what you look like, the key is to first of all be happy with yourself.”

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